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    Oil.pressure switch

    I found room to use a pressure sending unit as well as a second low pressure switch for a light. there was room behind the ac pump. I have also seen a hose run to a convenient location to mount a switch.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Good one Walt.
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    Fire Extinguisher Between Your Knees Mount Pics.

    How come that car has a chest pad for the driver and nothing for the passengers balls ?
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Funny thing, same thing with me. That's when the wife has all these strange expectations !!
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    They defiantly don't build them as well as they used to. I will try and find my pictures of Linda sitting on my little hydro plane I built and had in a car show , Vancouver BC 1964 and at SAAC 27 dinner party.
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    Is it worth putting in a 427 side oiler?

    In short IMHO NO. For TO much power I would use a 427 W
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    Air filters for 50mm Borla throttle bodies

    I had the same problem, you are forced to buy the K&N through Borla at a premium. So contact Borla.
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    Engine management

    It's just a local build Steve
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    Jokes anyone? -

    No comment.
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    Help with confirming axle length

    I just cut and installed the axles after I used a piece of wood dowel the same diameter as the axle (because the inner and outer flanges are cupped). One won't get a true axle length using anything smaller in diameter. Removal of the shocks and springs made it easy. I cut the wood as necessary...
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    Adventure RV

    Nice to see the progress Chris. Our pontoon boat is on the water and had a great couple weeks on Shuswap lake in BC this summer. I cant or don't know how to attach the youtube link to this site. I have some drone footage. Some improvements to make but all systems worked well.
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    Australia, Land of the Giants

    I mostly run a 3.90 rear diff, and some times a dbl reduction diff / 2 speed like me. 48000 lb Eaton and an 18 speed trans, This will give me a 90K cruise @ 1250 RPM, that's it. It looks like you use a lot of planetary drive hubs, much better for over weight loads at slow speeds.
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    Australia, Land of the Giants

    40 years and now retired. A standard load in northern B.C. is 140000 pounds on 8 axels. I used 4 tandem axles under the trailer and 3 drive axles with big rubber on the steering in order to get 20000 pounds up front. Larry, the flying saucer is for your boss and the government to watch you from...
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    Lake meade is dead...........................

    Turning the lights out in Vagas dew to no head pressure won't save any water but will be very interesting.