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    Peter from Sammamish, Washington

    Welcome from B.C. This is a good place for research and Q and A.
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Happy Easter every one. My shop is starting to feel like a prison. I now have the 40 registered and can buy plates and insurance, I want to get all the little things touched up and or changed. The little stuff takes a lot of time. I have to make a new heat shield over the exhaust, plan A melted...
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    seach accelerator cable

    LOKAR performance parts. I used one, 10 feet long ( 3 meters )
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    Connector Identification

    DOCAP is one. hard shell insulator at the spade and heat shrink at the crimp.
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Thanks Walt. Not much action today. Drained the cooling system to reseal a fitting, a tee in the line from the water pump. Do a nice clean job only to find it still leaks, wont say the words I used in the shop. The 1 1/2 with a 1/2 tee has a micro hole in the piece welded into the 1/12 water...
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Someone bobo,d somewhere. 17 digits in a VIN in B.C. Canada. Not sure where the 15 digit thing came from! Reg. was a success. The todo list is getting short. Find a wiper arm, redo firewall window install, I cant find the rubber seal to work with the tight radius, hinges will be here next week...
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    Where does everyone live?

    Kitimat British Columbia Canada. Smooth winding roads, no traffic or street lights. Welcome anytime!
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    Wiring fans to both come on for AC or Engine

    To activate your rad fans for AC or water temp. Use of a relay is a must. To activate, have a switch to ground on the dash and use as a manual over ride. A grounding water temp switch at the thermostat. and for the AC your trinary switch will ground as ness. Wire so that any one of the three...
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Thanks Gary and Walt. I'm all most there, I just found out I can't use the VIN number from CAV. ( 17 digits ). In B.C, we require 15 digits in a VIN number. I'm hoping CAV can act quick and issue a new number as I have plans to have the car on the road by the end of April. Yet to do is fit...
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    Passenger Ride wanted for a lifelong fan...

    Come to Canada for a ride, winding roads and no traffic or street lights. And a steak dinner afterwords.
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Just got my inspection report I have a 1966 Gulf # 1075, with 6000 miles on it. What the hell, more things to fix. What WAS # 1075 doing in 1966?
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Let's bring Suzuki in on this and get an ear full of stuffffffffffff
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    CAV Starter Motors on 302 but running an audi box

    Should this not be a Ford flywheel and starter? I think it will have 157 teeth. Just a thought, I don't know Audi or any of the British part applications.
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    Pass in time for summer.

    Congrats, you have mad me think a bit about some things I didn't consider. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Thank you guys. I just forgot what day it was. Tomorrow will really be Monday !!! Today will be spent finishing up the rear camera wiring, a check over the entire car and shop cleanup.