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    Something is missing

    Not a Lotus 11, 15 or 17 as they were never made as "left hand drive". Also, why make a replica in such format unless it is for road use??
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    P2334 Breathes!

    Bob, Can I offer assistance? I've been running P2332 for for 18 months Any photos of P2340 Bill P
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    Sports Car Digest Goodwood GT40 Photo Album

    Great link, Glenn. Thank you for posting
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    P2332 on the road

    Well spotted, Pierre-Louis! Only problem is the property has no garage.... Comber is about 10 miles South of Belfast, N.Ireland.
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    P2332 on the road

    Mike, your friends will have make plans to cross the seas to Ireland! Regards, Bill P
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    P2332 on the road

    Thought you guys might be amused by the road name....
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    Goodwood Members Meet March 19/20 2016

    See Race 2 on this link for the entry list,
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    P2332 on the road

    A few extra notes on P2332. The engine was built by Southern Automotive and supplied by Dennis Olthoff. The excellent installation work on engine & gearbox was carried out by Nigel Hulme's Le Mans Coupes Ltd in England with my many questions being answered in a most effective manner throughout...
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    1965 spf gt40 sold

    An SPF GT40 Mk l was advertised and sold recently in the UK for £140k (approx.$200k)............. It was right hand drive with a right hand gear shift
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    Name that chassis...

    The first version of the four cam Indy engines had the exhausts on the outside. See, Quad Cam Ford Development
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    P2332 on the road

    Enjoy building up P2334, Tim
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    P2332 on the road

    Thank you for your thoughts, Guys. The colour is SPF Indigo Blue. I don't have full cage but there's a rollover bar on the engine side of the bulkhead. Intending to compete in some Sprints after a few more test sessions
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    P2332 on the road

    Olthoff 289 engine, 48IDA Webers with RBT gearbox Right hand drive with right hand gear shift 600 miles enjoyed so far!
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    P2334 Shipped!

    Tim, your Mk ll looks great in that colour combo. What engine spec are you planning? Looking forward to more photos
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    Who's car?

    The track is the Oesterreichring, also known as the A1 Ring or Red Bull Ring as shown in the intro, at Spielberg, Austria