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    New from South Carolina.

    *sigh* My bonus is looking bleak. I have one more chance at getting the job I want in the AF which comes with a nice bonus. If the review board (which is computer generated mind you) sees that I don't compare to the other applicants, then it looks like I'll end my enlistment in March and become...
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    Computer Fabricated Dash Panels

    I just downloaded the program to play with, and it seems pretty solid. Even lets you choose your font and letter coloring, countersink, blind holes for future additions. Have a good feeling I'll use them when the time comes. Nice find!
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    New from Nebraska

    I have to bust your balls, Welcome to the Big Ten Conference, I'm originally from Wisconsin and am a Badger fan.
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    Mk I vs Mk II

    I completely agree, but I would probably put the Mk1 tail lights back in.
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    Roaring Forties GT40 RF 109 *SOLD*

    Re: Factory built RF For Sale Beautiful car, sir! Definitely don't have enough saved up to even attempt at making an offer, but if she's still available if/when I get my big bonus, you'll be getting a call. Best of luck in your sale.
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    The beast is born

    Ha, You're all safe... for now.
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    The beast is born

    I found a schematic of the rudder pedal assembly I was talking about above. It's definitely too bulky for your project, but gives you an idea of how a similar system works. Don't mind all the boxes and wires, they're just potentiometers and sensors for the pedals. Sure wish I had a CAD program...
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    The beast is born

    An F-16 is much different from your car in nearly every aspect, BUT we do have an adjustable pedal box. The assembly is on tracks with a piston that will force the pedals the forward-most position when the lever is pulled. The lever is between the pilot's legs (just below the "ball cooler"), and...
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    Pictures of Your Cat

    Re: PICTURES of CATS In-Bread cat
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    Best Gravity Feed Spray Guns

    Old post, I know, but my two cents... I agree, Sata is the top of the line. I recommend the LPH-400 for clear coat, lays down smooth as glass. You will have to be careful, this gun is designed to spray very quickly. I currently use a DeVilbiss for my base coat, which I've ever had a...
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    forum dummy

    Can't wait to see that rear clip with some color on it, and love the single seat. You starting a build thread, I need to subscribe!
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    My RCR "DPE-962X" 8500 RPM -1500HP Engine Build *lots of pics*

    Looking forward to see more of this build, especially the dyno runs.
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    289/302-Wet or Dry sump Best?

    Old forum, but what kind of HP increase would you see with a dry sump system?
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    I wanted to throw a brick at the T.V.

    I don't believe anyone on this forum is the type to enjoy the "art of graffiti." It's hideous, a waste of sources, wastes other peoples time in cleaning, and did I mention hideous? This forum tends to be a higher class of individual, graffiti is for the immature criminal type. Don't get me...
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    Safety wiring

    I'm sure the Air Force would be using those if there were any, but I've never seen nor heard of such a thing.