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  • Bob.. I haven't done my exam just yet but had a possible catastrophic failure today...LS3/480 + Graziano 6 speed. I understand you had an LSA and Porsche tranny when you had your failure? Is that right? What keyed you to the trany shaft putting pressure on the crank?

    Bob.. Do you have any recourse back on Fran for your damaged engine? Did he make the adaptor plate for your engine/Trans setup? Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I wonder if I should take mine apart to check it? How to check it? I assume that you mean that the transmission when under load jammed the input shaft into the engine crankshaft. How much clearance is necessary?

    Sorry for your trouble :(

    Very nice Bob! What's that lurking under the rear shell?? Like the wheel color choice, similar to mine.... Probably smart move to have Fran fit body and doors, BTW.
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