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    Mk2 nostril hinges

    Move the pivot point back, onto the main body. That will increase the clearance while the hood is opened.
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    Brake calipers for 15" rims

    We have also found that when using original GT40 cast wheels, 11.75" is the maximum rotor diameter in the front.
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    Front suspension and steering Drawings

    What brand of replica do you have?
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    exact dimensions 351/427 crate engine

    I've got a very crude DWG 3D model of a 302 that includes the engine mount bosses (and some other stuff). Some of the surfaces are missing, but that shouldn't effect what you need. E-mail me at [email protected]
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    Heavy steering

    This is probably due to gyroscopic reaction. Not much you can do to change it except reduce the rotational inertia with lighter wheels and tires.
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    Check your ZF

    A copy of the ERA system. It even uses the same BMW slave. However, we put the bleeder at the top.
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    Discrepancy in header temperatures between both cylinder banks

    The temperature variation from side to side is way too much. Measuring the temperature of each pipe near the head will isolate any cylinder that's weak. Something's not right, either mixture-wise or even no ignition at all.
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    GTD Small/Position light
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    Quick ratio steering rack for G T Racing chassis (ex MDA kit)

    If it has a bolt-on steering arm, a custom (shorter) one might be the simplest path.
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    ZF Trans Fluid Change

    If you are using the trans in its original (Ford GT) orientation, we recommend these modifications:
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    It shows OK for me in Foxit Reader. (Their viewer is in Beta, but it works.)
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    The biggest weakness (torsionally) that I see is through the area near the front of the side "pods". The structure needs something to tie the two pods together like a large transverse box well connected to the side structures.
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    Coyote bundle of snakes exhaust?

    Note that all those engines really have the same cylinders firing 90 degrees apart, just in a different sequence. If the tube lengths from the heads to the collector are equal, the same layout into the collector will work, no matter which engine.
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    Spaceframe Chassis - variations

    Without some indication of what's happening in the vertical plane, it's impossible to properly evaluate either design.
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    brake line pressure

    You are assuming a single 5/8" master cylinder to operate both front and rear brakes. Typically, there are two masters on a balance bar system. The balance bar geometry decreases the force into each master cylinder by roughly 50%.