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    Collector car insurance - any good suggestions?

    That's funny because I just got my renewal notice from Grundy and it only went up 5 bucks from last year !!! Considering how much everything else in the world has quadrupled that's very reasonable !!!!
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    Hi From a new replica owner

    Jim, My first gt40 was also based on the fiero ! Can't remember where the body came from but it was made out west somewhere in US .I used the gm 3.8 lt super charged motor with the auto trans .it was my first attempt at a kit turned out ok ,was fast as hell but not really what I wanted so I...
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    GTD restoration-chassis query

    Simon, I did this same process to my GTD when I got it. I did major modifications to mine, I ground off the Zink where needed to weld and added holes like Mike talked about to remove all the old rivets. The whole chassis was then chemically dipped and powder coated . I just used rubber body...
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    GTD engine mount advice

    Simon, The 1st picture is what you have the next 3 are what I designed for my car ! The holes are going through the horizontal frame and the vertical cross piece ! Unfortunately I don't have a drawing of them sorry !! But they worked and still are working great !! Bob
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    GTD engine mount advice

    Hi Simon, Let me dig up some pictures of what I did to my GTD I'll post them here !! I'd weld up something for you if you were close to Wisconsin !!
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    Safe jacking points on a GTD40

    These are from my build ! I had a lot of experience putting mine up and down on Jack stands. The best advice I can give you is do it in steps not all the way up in one attempt! Also make sure you put your 1st set in perpendicular to the frame that way when you raise the other end your not...
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    Yeh Dave I thought it would have sold for more than that !! And mecum didn't get the specs right on the car ! It's a 347 stroker and 525 hp and I believe it's a mk1
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    This is my old GTD that I built ,I found out it went up for auction. I was wondering if anyone knows who bought it or where it went to? I'd love to connect with the new owner and find out about how things are going with the car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob...
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    Fitting a sniper efi

    Simon, my advise is leave it alone !!!! I've got the sniper on my cobra and have nothing but problems with it !!!!! It's been at the tuner 4 times and still has issues, I've done everything you can think of to correct it but it still has RF interference problems because of the Ford...
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    If you were starting from scratch...what would you change about your build?

    If I was to do it again this is the company I would start with not cheap but as close to original as you can get
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    Active Power Wisconsin Northwoods

    Looking good Bob!!!! Those bundle of snakes headers look really good where did you get them from ?
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    Self Tapping Screws -Suggestions

    Riv nuts !! The only way to go . Reusable strong and easy to install you can get a whole kit from Amazon!!
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    Coolant Expansion Tank

    Emanuel With a couple of pictures and some dimensions any good fab shop could build 1 for you !
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    Fitech 30003 on a 302

    What Jason says is true you should have it set up on a dino from someone who knows what they're doing , but that holds true for any system put on a high performance engine ! Even a carburetor should be set up on a dino!!
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    Fitech 30003 on a 302

    Simon, I have first hand experience with exactly what you want to do !! Because I did it and my recommendation is go with the Holley sniper efi system ! I fought with that fitech for a hole summer nothing but problems !!!! Put the snipper unit on and it's been perfect ever sense !