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    Mid-engine vette?

    ..." Although it'll bear the Corvette name, the hypothetical mid-engine C8 will be radically different from the car it replaces. " Go Back > GT40 Replica Manufacturers' Corner Reload this Page RCR Forum - RCR40/SLC/917/Superlite Aero <article itemscope=""...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Rights To The Saleen S7 & S5S Raptor Up For Sale As Company Hunts For Cash
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    SLC picture thread

    Superlite SLC Aspira
  4. Superlite SLC  Aspira

    Superlite SLC Aspira

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    Building Your Dream Ferrari Is A Beautiful Thing

    I luv the story and the car. Bravo!!
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    NEW SLC interior tub

    Any photos available of a finished SL-C interior using the new interior tub design?
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    SL-C in 1:12 scale

    Did this ever happen? Will this ever happen?
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    Anything new from the LMP1 race car family?

    Anything new from the LMP1 race car family or from anyone else's LMP1? Has the 11 LMP/Nemesis car done any races this year? Anything planned for them?
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    Ford Exploring Factory GTE Program, Prototype Options

    Pretty cool video of the new Ford GT
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    SLC picture thread

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    Rear radiators
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    SLC picture thread

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    New SLC Wiki

    Is the New SLC Wiki link posted as a sticky somewhere?
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Fran, can't you guys come up with a plan to add that car to the RCR family?