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    Door Hinges

    Mine are 5/8"
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    New GT40 race car build

    Hi Alan, I saw this for sale a few months ago, and I was a bit confused, as the long front wishbones are using the space where your legs go? is it going to have a central driving position?
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    Scratch Build of Jag XJ220 Replica

    Hi Clive, it looks very weak in bending have you done any FEA work, to look at other load cases? I assume you are not using the roof as a structural member?
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    Thanks for all your suggestions. I ended up with a bit of a compromise, as I had them made from an open die forging, using some existing tooling, and then machined to the final shape. I just need to machine them to suit my driveshaft tube and drill the holes for the doughnut bolts now.
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    Advice Please, Which Order for Sealant Drilling & Pop Rivets

    I just use a big drill (if you are using 1/8" rivets I would suggest something around 10mm) and turn it by hand, Just remove the Burr, try not to countersink the hole. Best wear a glove or you end up with cut marks from the flutes in your fingers after a few hundred holes!
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    1057 for sale

    Love the welding,
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    Advice Please, Which Order for Sealant Drilling & Pop Rivets

    Hi Neville B I would drill all the holes first, de-burr the holes to make sure the panels sit down flat on the chassis then apply the sealant and pop rivet.
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    Ah, Alan Staniforth! his sting computer has been used to design a lot of successful cars
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    This affects us all!

    I think the main issue is Jaguar have started making new C types, and these people in Sweden have also made 6 new C types, so both trying to sell their 250k cars to the small number of people who can afford them. Replicas have always been a grey area within the law, and always will be, I don't...
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    Sorry Skip, only just seen your post, I will keep you in mind next time. Thanks for replying.....
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    Thanks everybody for your suggestions, but I now have it sorted. Thanks again....
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    Thanks Brian, but looking at their website it looks like they only do aluminium and Titanium.
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    Thanks James, Yes I have spoken to them, but they are not interested in low volume.
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    Thanks Scott, I will look them up.
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    Hi Andy, Ideally I am looking for something with reasonably tight tolerances, but plan B might be a bit more rough and ready, and do some more final machining.