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    S2's Build Thread

    As always Scott, excellent attention to details . I look forward to each post. Regards Brian
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    Hi all, just purchased 2006 and am excited to be a part of a group with a common interest .pete

    Hi Pete, and welcome to the forum. If you actually bought a 2006, I’m thinking you purchased a Ford GT. There is also a forum for that. This forum has an unbelievably large amount of knowledge about the GT40S of the 1960’s. And the people are here are extremely friendly and...
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Nice job Neil. Have used those lined bearings for years with great success. After the last couple of disappointing outings, I hope this will be the year for you. Regards Brian
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    As per usual, very nice write up Joel. Regards Brian
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    Superlite GT-R FOR SALE

    Beautiful car Ron. Lots of professionally done extras also. Best of luck with the sale. The car certainly cannot be duplicated for that price, AND it’s already well sorted. Regards. Brian
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    Lubricating Control Arm Rod Ends

    Tons of great experience and ideas here Joel. That's why I love this forum. Regards Brian
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    Lubricating Control Arm Rod Ends

    I have used Cerulean grease with success on rod ends and the bolts going through them for sometime. I previously used other grease, and would end up with squeaking rod ends. Just my opinion, yours and others may vary. There is also a discussion about it here...
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    Difference in GT40 model kits

    All I can say is wow Regards Brian
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    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Thanks. Beautiful cars at any rate. Regards Brian
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    SouthernGT No8

    Martin hasn't signed on in quite some time. I wouldn't hold my breath for a reply. Last seen Sep 22, 2015 Regards Brian
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    John Etheridge - Motorsport Magazine Dec 1975 - An archive article on maintaining GT40s

    And sadly on the same page, announces his obituary in July of 2014. Fantastic read. THANKS for posting. Regards Brian
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    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Beautiful cars Stephan. I see on the side, they say SLS. Is that someone's version that they are selling of the SLC ? Regards Brian
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    Happy New Year’s 2020 EVERYONE!! Thoughts and prayers go out to all the Australian people fighting the intense heat and fires. Wishing all the best in 2020. Regards. Brian
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    Build table

    Looking good Rod. Miss your posts on the Yahoo Manta forum. Keep up the good work. Regards Brian