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  • Hi Brian, no the 5000 for want of a better term is just a scratch built look alike, my tribute to the great man, although it does have a 23 body on it.
    where are you located Brian, I would love to see the real deal in the flesh, you are a very lucky man.
    I have an 016 trans which is a ZF but not the one your looking for, but I'll keep an ear to the ground for you. I get blokes in the shop every second day offering me bits and bobs

    cheers John
    Brian, fitting a rod gear change system is one of the easier jobs on the 40, well within the abilities of most owners. I do not get involved with the Forum much these days, too many " experts" out there who have a problem themselves and with me ! I suggested you talk to Bernie as he is an old school GT40 engineer, and he knows the sort of systems we fit and race. If you want any help please discuss it first before spending money, and don't believe the cable changers, that is very definitely not the way to go forward. Regards, Frank
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