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    Another trip done and dusted.

    Spent the weekend tootling around with a bunch of other motor-heads. Covered a little over 1200 km (750 miles) on some great driving roads.
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    original door lock release mechanism

    Internal lock mechanism is Rover, but striker plate is Vanguard or Triumph Mayflower. Rover striker plate can be made to work, but needs work. Vanguard/Triumph plates below and then with cap welded on; Rover plates last.
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    GT40 Horns

    I have used MKII Ford Zephyr, which I think are vaguely similar as well.
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    Frank Wigg - High quality ‘Toolroom’ GT40 replica built in New Zealand

    I seem to recall Frank Wigg built maybe 5 cars. As far as I know, none remain in NZ. By all accounts they were fairly accurate and of high quality, but, never having seen one, I cannot attest to that. There are some parts shown in the video that differ slightly from an original, so he may have...
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    That's looking really nice.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Took the car to its first proper show since before covid. Very popular, as always, especially with the youngsters. However, best in show was awarded to an immaculate 1931 Cord, and deservedly so.
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    Rear clamshell measurement

    3 7/16" (88mm) on Bill Hough body on CCD chassis.
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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Was talking to someone a few years back who had a similar issue to you Cameron. He solved it by fitting an off-centre crank (as below) that allowed small openings at round town speeds and then WOT when accelerator was floored.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Thank you to all who have voted. Much appreciated. No idea how the voting works, but I just re-tried and got he already voted message.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    At the suggestion of a friend I have entered my car in an on-line competition. Not sure if overseas votes count, but if any of you feel like casting a vote in my direction, much appreciated. Just click on the link below to vote.
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Agreed. My car was never supposed to be a concours winner, so I opted for a period item (from a Triumph 2000 as I recall) that looks OK and does a great job of clearing my screen.
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    GT40 MKII Roundel / Number Lights

    They do crop up occasionally on eBay. Do a search for 1966 Ranchero or Falcon Station Wagon number plate lights. I have a couple in the garage as I bought more than I needed, but they are average quality.
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    Hi everyone, Adrian from Auckland

    Welcome Adrian. A few Kiwis here.
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    GT40 MKII Roundel / Number Lights

    You have done pretty much the same as I did, except that I added another very small bolt at the front edge as well.
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    Steering column controls.

    In its original setting, the stalk used to self cancel. However, I removed that facility to get it to fit nicely. I now rely on the indicator light (just to the left of the rev counter) to remind me to cancel. It's in line-of-sight and quite bright, so I don't often forget.