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    Need advice to build pair of race muffler slip on’s

    I made mine using 2 simons 2,5" turbo mufflers and 2 supertrapp mufflers. I used some nuts between the disks to adjust the noise level and had 97db on stand sound measured 2 ft from outlet 3750rpm. the disks was on only for regisration to get plates. Now disks are in a box much nicer sound...
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    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Here in Norway I have no Covid in the neighborhood and we all stay healthy.
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    Gasket set for 5DS 25/2

    Morten I will try this one .
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    Gasket set for 5DS 25/2

    I am about to change the gear from 3,2 to 4.2. And I asume that I will need a new gasket set. Where can I get a set with the needed gaskets and seals. ? I am not doing this job myselves, a good mecanic will do it for me.
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    Now when the car finaly is road legal, it is time for the perfection time on some parts. During the 13 year of building, I seee some places I want to make things better ( it is invisible for the eyes) I also did a insulation of noise and heat from engine. For those of you that does not know ...
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    need original seat foams and cover

    Wrong , I did my own parts for the entire car,I made the foam for the seat, bought the fabric, and a older lady did the sewing as the drawing instruction told. I made the fiberglass back piece and put all Pirelli band in the back and bottom. So there are still someone out there doing all the...
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    The car building is history. It past the test and are now road legal
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    It seems to be a camlock product, you might start there.
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    Tornado GT40 Handbrake Wilwood MC4 Calipers

    I saw it as a good way to do it . no other reason it was practical for me. you might get the bracket thicker your way. I do not know if it is needed.
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    Tornado GT40 Handbrake Wilwood MC4 Calipers

    Here are some pictures from my innstallation, the bracket in the making and so on. It was a bit tricky to fit the bracket had to be build piece for piece and lot of grinding in the end but it work fine now
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    Tornado GT40 Handbrake Wilwood MC4 Calipers

    Why not try electrical handbrake I innstalled and they work fine try
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    Engine power!

    I believe the exhaust pipes is 1 3/4" and that is enough for 450hp so concentrate on cam and webers then you will have enough for the transaxle.The gear box is the limitation .
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    problems with soft brake pedal and weak brakes.

    Is there someone that know the effect of the bias. I have turned so that the front brake is most powerfull. but if I turn it two turn back, will I see any change when braking. Some of you out there have done this work before and know how much or little nedded to see a change in brake eff...
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    I just had the car on the weight with full fueltanks and it was 964kg I'm satisfied with that, but with only 20kw pr 100kg car , I struggle some here and need to put 84 kg lead inn somewhere to be acsepted . I hope to find a way to solve this. Might take the engine out and de-power it to 270...