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    Public update on current RF legal activities

    Re: Public update on current RF legal activies $100 going to Ron by check. Good luck to all of you! Buzz
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    Donations for Roaring Fourties Legal Fees

    Ron: I'm long as you are still on Loch Pointe Dr where I'll be sending the check because I'm to "computer challenged" to try Pay Pal. Using the word 'fortunate' in this situation is awkward, but I think that all of the forum members believe that our RF Mates are extremely fortunate to...
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    GT40 in Cannonball - Buzz Clarke CAV

    Ron, the results of the CAV in the Cannonball are that we survived (even though missing 3 events do to an intake gasket), and are looking forward to next year with your car in the competition. AutoFutura gave us some technical support on Roll Center work so I'd like to thank them first. We all...
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    Hey Ron: Ditto to mailing a check. Regards, Buzz
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    Hilborn Fuel Injection

    Michael: I ran a Hilborn on my CAV GT last year in the Cannonball One Lap...750 miles average driven per night between racetracks for the first seven nights, one track event in the morning and one track event in the afternoon each day. Pack up and hit the road at 5:00PM to drive the 750 miles...
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    Dream Cars 101

    Ron: Yes I'll be in the same CAV GT as last year. I got a trophy for Best Rookie Finish. What a saga!! This year we are ahead of schedule with the cars changes and prep. You have a PM about raising money. Thanks for the encouragement. Regards, Buzz
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    Dream Cars 101

    CAV is a South African produced GT40. The majority of the 100 cars that they have produced have been stainless steel monoque chassis. They are considered "Turn Key Minus" cars in that the complete car is built in the South African facility, and shipped to the US dealer network for the final...
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    Dream Cars 101

    Brandon: Bad timing. My CAV GT40 is only 15 minutes away in Downingtown, but on the 29th of April it will be at registration for this years Cannonball, One Lap of America race. Wish I could have seen and participated in your event. Regards, Buzz
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    Bob: I echo Joseph's sentiments. I think all of the CAV owners feel the same about the key part your knowledge, professionalism, and integrity played in guiding their GT40 decisions. I know that I for one could never have completed the Cannonball Race without your help in those frantic last...
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    Veek: The community aspects of this forum are great. In the last week I've spoken to Ian who is going to make a modification for me that he has engineered to improve the linkage setup on my ZF CAV. Frank Catt in England wants to get me a chassis piece he is working on to stiffen the rear...
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    ZF Easy In & Out Modification

    Bob: I love the safety net made out of tape. When I said you could swing the ZF in and out in ten seconds if you dropped the nut I was still mocking up on the floor. I forgot about the reality of lining things up. I'm envisioning a replacement for your tape in the form of a 1.5 inch wide...
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    ZF Easy In & Out Modification

    David: I'll take it that your 'pirating' is flatery of the mind. (That's your flatery of my mind.) Enjoy! Tim: I have never been able to live with only one car in my life, even though I have intimately known a 206 Dino, a twin turbo NSX, and the CAV GT40. I am sure it is a character flaw. That...
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    ZF Easy In & Out Modification

    Gary: That's nice to here from our moderator. Thanks! Buzz
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    CAV fuel pump in cell

    Gary: The key word was 'their' in the last sentence of the first paragraph. But they (as in 'their') don't want to be talking about other manufacturers cells. Can we change the subject? Regards, Buzz
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    ZF Easy In & Out Modification

    Steve: I plan too, but that's like cleaning up the kitchen after the meal. I just finished up this much this afternoon. Regards, Buzz