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    Coyote Intake / May have found my solution!

    Please post a pic when you set that up, I forsee the same problem for me too
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    New Coyote Intake Reverse

    Thanks Ken, yeah the stock one looks like interference with the coolant offtake would occur. I've been advised overnight by a wrecker in the US that the electics may not be compatible with the 2014 either. The problem in the short term is that the car must be engineered/1st registered as stock...
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    New Coyote Intake Reverse

    Hi All, My first post of I'm sure plenty..... My Pace GT is in the shed and I've been tinkering away on brakes, cooling, suspension in prep for the powerplant, a new crate Coyote that I picked up from my local Ford guys last week. Amongst other things I'm aquiring bolt ons like a/c...