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    Wanted 427 Side Oiler

    Hi Andy, I have a 427 side oiler that needs to be build and thinking of maybe selling it. Do not know whether you found one yet or what exactly you are looking for. You are welcome to mail me at [email protected] Rgds Fred
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    Any 427 Side Oilers for sale in USA ?

    I am not in The USa but have a 427 side oiler with quite a bit of parts that I might part with. If you're interested you can PM me.
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    Hi-Tech Welding GT40 **SOLD**

    Re: Hi-Tech Welding GT40 Was this project sold or is it still available?
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    For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD **SOLD**

    Re: For sale 2 CAVs GTs $110,000 AUD for both Hi, my name is Fred and I live in Pretoria South Africa. I saw your post and was wondering whether you could possibly send me some detailed pics of the cars? Were these kits or were they completely manufactured here before export? Was there any...