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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    if anyone is interested I have a Borla eight stack for sale. check out the garage sale section of the forum for info. Carman
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    FS CAN Borla eight stack for sale

    New Borla eight stack for sale for 302. It was just on the Dyno once to set up. Asking $4,000 CDN firm. Save money on the exchange. You can pm me for more details and shipping requirements from Toronto Canada .
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    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    my gt is getting some fresh air during self isolation, stay healthy everyone!!!
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    FS CAN CAV dash for sale

    Sorry it didn't work out for you Jasper. I'll call you Bill
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    FS CAN CAV dash for sale

    of course I understand. thanks Bill, keep me posted. send a message if Jasper declines. Happy New year!
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    FS CAN CAV dash for sale

    I was the guy that got your center console
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    FS CAN CAV dash for sale

    Hi Bill, if dash and other parts are still available i'll take them. i'm in Ontario canada
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    Ford Vs Ferrari Premier Movie Event

    great to see a CAV showcased liked that. I'm not dissing Superformance or any other continuation cars , but as a proud owner of a CAV I'm a little biased. I haven't seen the movie yet, going tomorrow so please don't post any spoilers! I cant wait to see how it ends!!!! Carman
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    CAV head light mounting

    thanks Ian, it will seem that its going to be a bit of a job. your photos are a big help. another question, are those H4 bulbs with an adaptor ring or an older style bulb. I need to source out bulbs and the boots that go over the bulbs to protect the back side from grit and dust. Carman
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    CAV head light mounting

    Hi guys, Can you help me out with pictures of your mounted head lights? I have CABIE lights and I'm having a heck of a time mounting them. Any description as well would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Carman CAV # 91
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Bill, I sent you a pm. I have CAV#91 and want to buy your factory console. Mine is the old style, please let me know. thanks Carman
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    Show us your GT40!

    thanks Steve. I wanted to do something a little different with the colour.