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  • Wow...I am soooo clueless as to how this ''friends'' section works! Hey since I just stumbled across your message today let me add...

    The updated Hood and Decklid latches (I have the discontinued original version)
    The updated upper rear control arm (and anything else that goes along with that)

    Thanks Casey
    Casey, Thanks for all your patience and my pestering phone calls. Jim at Ruehles informed me that he spoke with you and my SL-C will be in Florida on Tuesday. Thanks again Casey, great job!
    Jack Molleur
    I have a friend!....YAY,
    I don't know what it means but, I found I actually have TWO friends now! I didnt even know this section of the list existed....I lead such a sheltered life.
    Thanks for opening my eyes...and (of course) for the parts you are sending today.

    <big smile>
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