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    Construction / manufacture year?

    Hi Padi, Are you in the US or Europe? In the US, DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Do the car papers you have list the original manufacturer? If you post that and your location perhaps others on this site could help you out. Charlie
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    Construction / manufacture year?

    Welcome Padi. The answer to your question is, it depends. I purchased a body that is a replica of a 1966 Mkl. However, here in MA when a kit car/replica is registered and/or a title is applied for, the state assigns the year it was first titled as the year of manufacture. That's how it...
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build

    Looks great. Congrats on the first drive. The wheels and tires look great, what are the specs? Charlie
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    GT Forte experience

    I purchased the flat pack chassis kit and paid using PayPal figuring it was safe. After a couple months and much BS, I finally received the shipment. When I took inventory of the parts I discovered over 20 parts were missing. After getting nowhere with the vendor to provide the missing parts...
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    Building a GT 40

    I have dealt with him and I won't ever again. If you order that kit from him, if you get anything at all, it will be incomplete. I say this based on my own experience. Charlie
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    Gt40 body

    Bill does make a great product. I bought one of his Mkl bodies about 10 years ago. I'll finish this project one of these days. Charlie
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    Gt40 body

    I spoke to Bill this morning via email. He says he is still making Mkl and Mkll bodies. Charlie
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    Coyote engine help needed

    Holley sells carburetor manifolds, both single and dual quads. They look tall to work in a '40, though, Have you considered running EFI with used parts? You might be able to pick up a harness and ECU from a wrecked Mustang for the same...
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    Turn signal switch

    I used this in my FFR Cobra. I'm hoping to do the same in the '40 but I don;t know if there's room for it or not yet. Charlie
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    Bryan's GT-Forte build

    Hi Bryan, Thanks for the info. Yes, I'm in the US in southeastern MA. No, the kit didn't come complete, I'm missing several parts which I'm still trying to get. Charlie
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    Bryan's GT-Forte build

    Looks good Bryan. What did you use for your table top? Is that laminate countertop? How's it working for you? I bought the same chassis kit early this year but I haven't started the build yet. The build table is the first order of business and I haven't decided what to do yet. Mine is most...
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    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    I'd have to look up what I paid. It was over 10 years ago. I'm ashamed to admit how slow my progress has been. After an enthusiastic start, I haven't done anything with it for years until recently. I don't know about shipping; Bill is local and he delivered the parts to me. I'm sure he...
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    Wanted: pin drive

    Ross, Can you post pictures and details of what you have? I may be interested if Bob doesn't want them. Thanks, Charlie
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    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    Dave, I bought a complete Mk I body including the dash and seat shells from Bill Hough several years back. composites created by datonabill based on blank website | I'm happy with what I got from him. He's a great guy to deal with. Charlie
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    Anyone having issues with GT Forte?

    Hi David, Yes, PM sent. Charlie