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    Ford GT40 Factory Blueprints Chassis plans from Ford Advanced Vehicles

    They probably used the same Vellum paper we used back in the 70s and 80s. With the high quality scanners that have been around for years, it amazes me that someone still makes the blueprint machines (That brings me back, I can still smell the ammonia!).
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    Southern GT #70

    Great work. I think yours is the first build thread I've seen with someone fitting a body from Bill Hough. Since I'm about to reach that point myself, I've been following your progress with great interest. Thanks, Charlie
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    Audi 016 Pinion Bearings Needed

    Try here. Or, can you read the numbers and manufacturer on the old one? Maybe you can get it directly from a bearing distributor
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    FS USA Velocity Stack Filters for Dia 3 1/4-3 1/2” Stacks

    What system do they fit? Can you post a picture of the other side? Thanks.
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    Any Recommendations for Front Headlight Cover In USA?

    Mark Clapp, a forum member here makes them. You could reach out to him.
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    ***SOLD*** ERA GT40 MK1 ***SOLD***

    Beautiful car. Good luck with the sale.
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    A lot depends on where you are. Here in the US the process varies from state to state. If you post your location I'm sure there's a local that can help you out. Good luck, Charlie
  8. C is Twenty!

    Thanks Ron and staff for providing and maintaining this valuable resource all these years, Congrats!
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    Too bad it didn't work out. Thanks for trying that out and letting us know. Charlie
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    Did that Factory Five windshield end up working out for you? Thanks
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    Alans Scratch build

    Very nice. It's great having access to the CNC equipment.
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    Tips for a noob MIG welder

    I bought one of those last week. It's a game-changer.
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    Alans Scratch build

    I have a Mustang II style rack. The thread for the inner tie rod end is M14 x 1.50 and the tie rods have a 9/16-18 thread on the outer tie rod end. This looks typical for all the Mustang II style racks I've looked at. The C4 Corvette is M14 x 1.50; it looks close to a 9/16-18 but it's not...
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    Alans Scratch build

    It looks like a Mustang rack. Does Summit have tie rod ends for it that will fit the Corvette uprights? I'm facing the same challenge myself. I'm using C4 Corvette front uprights and most of the aftermarket racks are set up for Ford tie rods.
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    Alans Scratch build

    What steering rack are you using? Thanks, Charlie