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    New GT40 Replica Seats

    I'm interested in that info as well.
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    MKII or MKI Prototype body source

    I sourced my MkI body from Bill Hough. It's a nice reproduction with all the correct inner panels and duct work.
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    Wheel Arch Closing Panel Assemblies

    What do you expect the price to be with the fasteners?
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    Anybody know what this cylinder head is from??

    Sorry for your loss Cliff. Your Dad sounds like he was an amazing guy. Good luck with the sales; I hope you have many fond memories as you go through his collection. Charlie
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    Rear Bulkhead Window Assembly

    Very nice work and great packaging! One less thing I have to try to make myself. Thanks Adam!
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    Hello - GT40 or Cobra? Where to start

    I haven't been there in a while, but in the past FFR was always happy to provide plant tours. They have some impressive automated cutting and welding equipment there. They're in Wareham, MA right near Cape Cod. When the weather gets better here you could do the plant tour then spend a nice...
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    Homemade CNC plasma cutter.

    That's amazing Sean. What is the CNC kit you used? Thanks, Charlie
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    Hello - GT40 or Cobra? Where to start

    Between the two, from an entry level perspective for a project like this, I would choose the Cobra. I built a FFR Cobra; bought the kit in '02 finished it in '04. It was an incredible experience, both the build and the connection to the local FFR community. The Cobra is an absolute beast; it's...
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    Southern GT #70

    What's the total width now after adding those strips? Thanks, Charlie
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    01E transaxle install

    Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum. Sorry, I can't help you with the 01E shift but I may be interested in buying the shifter and transaxle linkage for the 016 that you're taking off. Were the folks at Cable Shift any help to you? Thanks, Charlie
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    Is your car build done?

    It's only been 16 years, what's the hurry?
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    Bought some machine tools

    Wow, great deal. Congrats!
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    Ford GT40 Factory Blueprints Chassis plans from Ford Advanced Vehicles

    They probably used the same Vellum paper we used back in the 70s and 80s. With the high quality scanners that have been around for years, it amazes me that someone still makes the blueprint machines (That brings me back, I can still smell the ammonia!).
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    Southern GT #70

    Great work. I think yours is the first build thread I've seen with someone fitting a body from Bill Hough. Since I'm about to reach that point myself, I've been following your progress with great interest. Thanks, Charlie
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    Audi 016 Pinion Bearings Needed

    Try here. Or, can you read the numbers and manufacturer on the old one? Maybe you can get it directly from a bearing distributor