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    Hello from Lancashire

    Well done Eddy, the fun starts now. Trust me when I say that this idol will not disappoint. Looking forward to seeing the build thread. Chris
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    50th Anniversary roundels

    Not been on the forum for quite a while, new job and house renovations seem to have taken up most of my time. I still have plenty of these roundels 300mm and 100mm available if anyone wants some they are on ebay but contact me direct and get them cheaper £3 for 100mm, £6 for 300mm I have already...
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    John Did you mean that to go to Chris Want or me? Looks like Clacton will soon reverberate to...

    John Did you mean that to go to Chris Want or me? Looks like Clacton will soon reverberate to the sound of V8s.
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    50th Anniversary roundels

    Just to let people know that these are now printed and will be at the LMC. The vinyl is removable and the inks are UV resistant. The roundels are also laminated to protect them. I will have the spec sheets of the material and glue for anyone who buys them. See you at the LMC and safe driving.
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    50th Anniversary roundels

    Will do Brian, would that be the 100mm or 300mm version, they are both the same design
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    50th Anniversary roundels

    Managed to get a smaller version of the roundels for you all to view see attached.
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    50th Anniversary roundels

    Hi all, I have been able to get some stickers designed on the 50th Anniversary theme, These will be low tack external stickers so that they can be stuck to car bodywork and will be in 100mm and 300mm diameter roundel size. I plan to have some made and bring them along to the LMC in July, If you...
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    50 GT40s Photoshoot.

    Paul, really appreciate all your efforts in arranging this, looks like it is possible to herd cats after all. I have just checked the weather for Sunday and it looks like it will be dry if a little cloudy. Two 40s will be making their way up in convoy from Devon aiming to arrive just before...
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    Is this going to be a record ?

    I think this was on ebay originally with a classified ad price of £95K! I too think that's very steep for (in his own words) a kit car and a KVA at that. I was watching the auction and there definitely was a winning bid of £62K ish so why it's relisted is not clear, There is no mention of...
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    Fatal GT40 Accident - Please tell me this is not Toms RCR GT40

    May I add my sincere condolences to Tom's family, I never met him but he was part of this forum's family too and as such we all feel sadness at his passing. RIP Tom
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    So it begins

    Mark, I'm in Paignton, Devon only a couple of hours away and have a factory built MDA mk1. You are more than welcome to come and view it and I'll even take you for a spin if you like. There is a car show on Paignton Green on the 4th April (Easter Sat) and mine will be on show. Why not take a day...
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    Start of a long journey to...

    Brian Wingfield looks to be selling these (from a quick internet search) although they are not cheap at £1124 each. BW Template email [email protected]. good luck
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    Start of a long journey to...

    MDAs used the original mold tool to create exact copies of the rear suspension upright (as seen fabricated in the photos above. This casting even has "GT40" cast into the body and not only looks right but performs well. These original style castings must still be available if you want authentic...
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    Weekend trip coincidences

    Just been on a weekend trip to Bournemouth in the UK. Two unexpected coincidences one of which has sparked a question and the other just a great way to start a weekend so wanted to share. Driving along the south coast road from Exeter, past Seaton and heading towards Bridport we saw a dark...
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    Hi Martin, not a GTD but an MDA, it's successor, they are quite similar. A GT40 on Jersey! that will be quite a squeeze on some of those roads and by the time you get to second gear you will have reached the other side, but cruising that island in a 40 is rather appealing. We were there a couple...