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    SPF Radiator Replacement

    Hi, Dave: I downloaded your original post about this into a folder I have for parts sources. Glad to now have the name (Fluidyne)! What I would encourage all Superformance owners to do is to make a special effort to post this same sort of info when they come across similar sources, and it...
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    WTB: GT40, open to many options

    There's three currently on the Hillbank website in Irvine, CA, including what appears to be a righthand drive already fitted out. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    That was MY school----Bushy Heath, or "Bushy"----an old ex-estate RAF base. Great school. /s/ C
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    Thanks for info! I hadn't realized that certain non-Cottage Industry manufacturers had such parts cross-reference books. We were in England from 1967-1969 and I was in the 7th and 8th grades (went to a school for American military kids ). Such a great time! Awhile back, I was tightening the...
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    Something I have done is set up a separate folder on my computer in which I collect any information on parts for the car I come across on this forum or research myself. A good example is David Hood's radiator. In other words, you can pay $1950 from Superformance or XYZ shop in Charlotte can...
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    Hmmm....I wonder what the cost would be? For example, just making plans/drawings available in a loose leaf format might keep the cost/complication down, and would be a huge help over what we have now, which is basically nothing from the factory. I have thought about contacting Hillbank before...
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    How to adjust SPF footbox

    This question is another example of why Superformance needs to come out with a service manual on their GT40s. Since they contract with High-Tech Automotive to assemble the basic car, presumably High-Tech already has the plans for the car which could be combined into a manual and sold or given...
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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    One big reason I went with Superformance when I ordered my GT40 MKII was that they returned all my calls and, all-in-all, seemed to be an established and going concern. They also had a relatively up to date website, which is typically a good sign. Without naming names, this was not the case...
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    A couple of pictures from last weekend.

    I love the yellow/amber headlight covers. Where were these photos taken? Looks like the right roads for the chin spoiler. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Superformance wheels wanted

    Is ERA even still in business? Last time I looked at their website it seemed they had shut down production. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Yes, I can definately second having an external slave cylinder fitted rather than the internal hydraulic throwout bearing (I am having that work done now after the internal hydraulic throwout bearing blew out totally). I would also recommend not getting the transmission oil cooler unless you...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Thanks! Yes, I understand. That's why I mentioned that this would only be a brief experiment----just a straight and brief drive down the road to see what the difference in front end feel is. Nothing permanent. With other tires on other cars I have noted that you can feel differences in real...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Once I get my clutch working again I think I will try two BFGs on the front SIMPLY as a brief experiment to see how they feel in normal street driving (I say "brief experiment" to avoid emails about not mixing tires, etc). I have a hunch that the full tread on the BFGs may provide better feel...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    I have been looking at these, as well. Could you let me know the size you are using at the rear and the size at the front? Thanks! /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    The Cooper tires were the standard tire for the car when I ordered it from Superformance/Hillbank. I remember mentioning the T/As and being told that the Coopers seemed to work better on the car. /s/ Chris Kennedy