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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    One big reason I went with Superformance when I ordered my GT40 MKII was that they returned all my calls and, all-in-all, seemed to be an established and going concern. They also had a relatively up to date website, which is typically a good sign. Without naming names, this was not the case...
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    A couple of pictures from last weekend.

    I love the yellow/amber headlight covers. Where were these photos taken? Looks like the right roads for the chin spoiler. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Superformance wheels wanted

    Is ERA even still in business? Last time I looked at their website it seemed they had shut down production. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Most Common Mistakes - New GT40 Owner

    Yes, I can definately second having an external slave cylinder fitted rather than the internal hydraulic throwout bearing (I am having that work done now after the internal hydraulic throwout bearing blew out totally). I would also recommend not getting the transmission oil cooler unless you...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Thanks! Yes, I understand. That's why I mentioned that this would only be a brief experiment----just a straight and brief drive down the road to see what the difference in front end feel is. Nothing permanent. With other tires on other cars I have noted that you can feel differences in real...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Once I get my clutch working again I think I will try two BFGs on the front SIMPLY as a brief experiment to see how they feel in normal street driving (I say "brief experiment" to avoid emails about not mixing tires, etc). I have a hunch that the full tread on the BFGs may provide better feel...
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    I have been looking at these, as well. Could you let me know the size you are using at the rear and the size at the front? Thanks! /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    The Cooper tires were the standard tire for the car when I ordered it from Superformance/Hillbank. I remember mentioning the T/As and being told that the Coopers seemed to work better on the car. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    While I have the Avons on my Ford GT40 MKII, I have the T/As on another car and have always liked them a great deal. Sometimes I have wanted to experiment with the T/As on the GT40, simply to see that if, on the street and driving at real world speeds, they reduce some of the...
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    Ah, yes, that's excellent! Many many thanks----I remember the 1969 race well. My father was in the Navy and we were stationed in England at the time. The British commentators all said before the race that the GT40s were great cars, but now too old and too heavy, and Porsche was all the rage...
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    Thank you! I see now. /s/ Chris
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    SPF Radiator Fans Wont Turn Off

    I believe there are three 50 amp fuses that are located in holders near the ignition coil, sort of up against the firewall. One of these fuses controls both the air conditioning compressor and the fans, and if you take this out you can at least turn off the fans. /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Beats me, that's why I asked. /s/ Chris
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    Hi, I apologize for my ignorance, but could someone tell me what this Superformance "tool room" version is about? /s/ Chris
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    2020 RBT ZF transaxle power/torque ability?

    Thanks---I forgot to use the search feature, first. /s/ Chris Kennedy