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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    Hopefully the car didn't get quarantined... ;)
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    LSA SLC Build Log

    click me: SL-c Nose Hinge Group Buy
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    Click me: SL-C nose hinge group buy
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    Dash and interior

    I'm asking this from a completely uneducated standpoint here, but are there DOT regulations on the additional brace in the middle of the windshield? Anything to do with blocking the driver's view? I'm looking forward to seeing this finished.
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    S2's Build Thread

    Wow - thanks for the thorough response!
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    S2's Build Thread

    This may very well be covered elsewhere, but how well does the finished product on a 3D printed part hold up to the rigors of a hot engine bay, impacts from the car bouncing over potholes, etc.? And ditto what Brian said. I always read your thread first when there are new posts.
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    Have any current SL-C owners thought of...

    I recall reading somewhere online that a refresh was in the works and I've tried to remember / find where I read that, but with zero success. Maybe one of the die-hard guys knows. Or maybe I'm just crazy.
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    SL-C owners in the Dallas area?

    There are several - search for Dallas on here and you'll find at least one thread not too long ago where the Dallas guys were planning a meet up. I've PM'd a few of the local guys to see their cars but my schedule has been too busy to make it happen.
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    You wrench, I'll drive. Deal?
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    C8 Corvette Transaxle

    I wish I could shift that fast in my 3 pedal cars...
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    S2's Build Thread

    The amount of planning going into the build is almost mind blowing. Absolutely top-notch.
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    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    Didn't your mama ever tell you - nothing good happens after midnight!
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    Dan's Build

    It's not fake news. They used Don Carter's car. Obviously a completely different person than the Dan Carter posting here.
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    Insurance Question

    I have my two Mustangs ('65 and '92) insured with American Collectors. Both are declared value ($38k and $11k) with 2,500 mile yearly limit - technically no commuting to work allowed. The combined premium for both cars is $480/year. "Full coverage" with $100 or $200 deductibles. Considering my...
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    Storing Paperwork & Tools

    You forgot one: zip ties