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    Cool FOMOCO advert

    Would that be Miles on the left?
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    An option if you miss the political discussions we had in the Paddock.

    From my perspective, I'm not sure how asking someone where things stand from time to time translates into effort trying to make something happen, although I may be missing some aspect of this situation though. My challenge to you Doug was that if you knew of a DIY chatroom that could be set up...
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    Who has the best chassis?PROS and CONS

    Hi Ramon, This is effectively like asking someone, "What's the best color?" Your question will have different answers for anyone who asks it depending on what the goals for their car are. All the manufacturers you list have been around for a while- and some much longer than others. They...
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    An option if you miss the political discussions we had in the Paddock.

    Yep. No desire to read it previously, now, nor when it's filtered off behind a curtain. My encouragement was that if it's important to you, throw your hat in the ring and get involved to make it happen- embrace that whole "be part of the solution" mindset. Get it set up and take those...
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    An option if you miss the political discussions we had in the Paddock.

    Good luck pushing that rope Doug! I appreciate all the volunteering our moderators do to keep this place running. Can't get a restricted access, controversial topic sub-forum going? Bummer. I won't miss it at all. There is an amazing social connection and wealth of knowledge on this board-...
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Must have an interesting reserve on it. It's back for a do-over with a starting bid of $25 and 5 days left. I'm going to go in on it for the $25. Please don't anyone out-bid me.
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    Axle bolt Sizes?

    Hey Mitch, I might be late to the party but just went through this with Vaughn. The outboard (hub-side) bolts should be M10 x 1.5 IIRC. Give that a try. Chris
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    Roadster replica?

    I'd bet that is Chris Ardern with He's based in OH and runs with Corvette gear front and rear. Looks like C4 front suspension in that pic.
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    Layout question

    Bill, Ian's post was was from Sept 2001. I hope he has his answer already!
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Rear steer is unattractive to me, as the primary method of directing the front end into a corner is to direct the rear end out. That feels like a recipe for disaster. I was privy to discussions about rear steer in a Formula SAE car where they tried to incorporate it but they found it a bit...
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Thanks Doug! Worked on the new car a bit this morning, getting the rear axle ready to attach to the new frame. Have it all laid out and aligned on the shop floor, just need to commit to a method of attachment. The rear axle is quite a bit wider than the live axle one from the prototype...
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Roll protection will absolutely be incorporated. It may not be SCCA spec but I don't want to scratch my skid lid. I admit, I am skeptical regarding its cornering ability. The single thing making me go forward with the project is the rest of the fleet I have built is 3-wheeled and corners just...
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    Gravity Racer, take III

    Yes, I am committing to another build. It is an addiction... Let me start by saying that I was extremely happy with how the Mk V worked out this past year and I am not sure that anything else I would build will be able to out run it. It will be difficult to put aside a car that is running...
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    Air Con Fitting

    Surely a call in to SGT would be the best bet, but barring that, have a look here: I haven't seen an "all-in-one" set of instructions there but it's got to be somewhere.
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    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    Ask Frank (Sbarro).