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    SPFMK2 Coil over swap

    I did the swap for the Cobra Valley double adjustable shocks and springs from Performance Unlimited on my SPF MkI. I'm very happy with them on the street and track. Firm but supple on the street, tight on the track.
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    Superformance A/C controls

    There are two different configurations for the Superformance controls, depending on car #. I have what I believe is the current iteration with temp + dash vent to footwell control + a separate flip switch for defrost. As well as the AC on/off and the recirc buttons. AC will not operate/engage...
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    Lurked here for quite some time.

    Kinda looks like a Dino front end to me. Although like you, I really have no idea.
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    Hello From Wisconsin!

    Lee, I'm in Wales. I look forward to watching the progress.
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    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    I don't have megaphones, although would like to try them or straight pipes at the track. I run with the standard mufflers and they are loud enough for the street, really quite loud if you get on it, and not too bad inside the car, however I do wear noise cancelling ear buds on longer drives. I...
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    FORD G.T. Steering Wheel Center Cap Font

    Thread drift alert. Otto, where did you anchor your harness for the sub belts? Thanks
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Richard, I took a look at the posts from your acquisition of the car. Great choice BTW ;) Thinking about your use, I thought you might like to consider a turkey pan set up to to minimize the fuel boiling potential in those webers and to shield that crossover fuel line. Here's what I did. I...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Neil, I feel about a million years away from any comparison to JWAE and their challenges and achievements on the track, but appreciate the historical connection. Dave has answered the pads question, thanks.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Dave (and others), thanks for the prompt. The track days were great. For me and the car, as much about sorting as performance, this was very first time out in anger. A number of things came up that required dealing with and have me started on a new ToDo list. Before I get to the brakes...
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    Rear Wheel Bearing adjustment

    Having done a lot of research on this site about the bearing adjustments on these cars, and frankly being highly intimidated by the whole process, I thought I would share my experiences. My car is #2388, delivered to me late fall last year, just as the snow settled in. I started to drive and...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    That's why I wanted to make sure I had the size right. I have a few different compounds to try and am open to suggestions.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Thanks, all set. First track outing next week. Testing, tuning and smiling..
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    When I next have the wheel off I'll take a good look, Pads was the key question.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    I have a newer car, #2388, sequence 339. I have the GT40 branded calipers. I'm assuming they are the same as the old Wilwoods and use the same brake pads. But you know what they say about assuming. Does anyone happen to know if they are the same as the old setup and only new graphics...