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    How long until we can get back to the track?

    June 5th is the next SCCA track event at Sebring. Big question will be hotel accommodations for those that need them.
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    Joining From Southeast MI

    Hi Shawn, welcome aboard! Hmm, RCR chassis with a scratch built aluminum body...interesting concept.
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    Literature on GT40

    This one is inexpensive and informative. Ford GT40 Owners' Workshop Manual (Haynes) This one is expensive and informative. Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans
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    BAT Auction: Two ZF 5DS-25/2 Transaxles

    Not my auction, just posting for anyone who may be interested. Auction ends in 6 days, no opening bids yet. BAT Auction
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    Safety wire

    Honestly Clayton, I don't remember what the base metal was, it was a million years ago and details elude me at this point. I do remember being cautioned about it, but there was no way to work with it without leaving marks and a blood trail. I think the caution was related more to the coating on...
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    Safety wire

    Licensed A&P here also, although I haven't worked in that capacity for quite some time. Began my career working for P&WA in East Hartford, CT at the production test facility, that's where I learned how to properly apply safety wire. The worst was the ultra-heavy gauge hi-temp coated wire...very...
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    Sean's RCR 40

    I'm in Sean, let's what you've accomplished so far.
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    FS: Original 24 hours of LeMans Ford GT 40 Keychain

    I think I see Gurney's thumbprint on it... ;)
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    Active Power/ GT Reproductions

    Chris, Saw the 40 you had on display at the Daytona Rod Run in November, it looked to be a very nicely done machine.
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    RCR GT40 Front Wheel Hubs...

    FWIW, I have original C4 hubs at all four corners of my cobra and they are still trouble free after 20 years and 30k miles, just on my car. Probably at least another 30k on the donor car the hubs came from. Very good quality back then, not so sure about replacement units made today, especially...
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Beautiful work Jack, but I would be concerned about the position of the O2 bung, should be raised at least 10 degrees above horizontal to prevent moisture from destroying the sensor.
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    Drivetrain Options

    Walt, Not precisely sure I can explain why, but this put a smile on my face. :cool:
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    Fillmore’s RCR Mk1 GT40

    Very nice rear clam hinge redesign Tim! Thanks for sharing your engineering. I would be very interested to pony up for an install kit if you were to make them available... ;) ;)
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Jack, Looking at your photos makes me realize I'd be a big pussy to ever complain about my project. You've really gotten it taken down to the carcass, nice. And yes, you'll know every nut and bolt on it when you're done, that's very valuable knowledge down the road. That's what I love about my...
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    Rear Tire to Wheel Well Clearance

    Yes Ian, the current design parts will fit my car according to RCR, but my cheapness quotient compels me to seek the lower cost alternative... ;) That's a good question, I didn't think to ask that when I spoke to them, but I got the distinct impression they're only interested in selling a new...