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    Comment by 'Cobrajet' in media 'Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI'

    Sorry Kirk, I do not. What I do have are hundreds of pics in case I wanted to so so later, or to help guys along the way. When I was home, I devoted all my time to building and finishing the car during the day and spending time with my wife in the evenings, so very little time to post to a...
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    Superformance Rear anti roll (Sway) bar help

    You can get the links from either SPF or Cushman Competition. Here's an example pic of what I have.
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    Superformance Rear anti roll (Sway) bar help

    Jason, it's an original bar with no fittings, e.g. drop links, etc.
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    Superformance Rear anti roll (Sway) bar help

    I have one, but it's in my shop in CO, and I'll be away for a bit. How soon do you need it? Should be easy to make, but not sure if there's a hardening process for these anti-roll bars.
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    Flairs or Not.

    Phil, sent you a PM with pics of my +2. Good luck!
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  10. 2019 - Shelby American Annual Fundraiser

    2019 - Shelby American Annual Fundraiser

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    GT/108 to cross the block at RM Auctions Monterey (Aug 2014)

    The Larry Miller family now owns it and it was delivered from Pebble Beach to the Shelby American museum a few days before the annual fundraiser event on Aug 30th. Here's a few pics I took of the car during the event.
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    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    If you've owned a Cobra, the experience is about the same. If I'm alone, I usually try and get gas at the backside or least visible pump so I can get away quickly! Usually fill one side per stop...
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    RCR GT40 Partially Completed Kit ***SOLD***

    Congrats! Is it staying in CO or ?