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    seach accelerator cable

    Poly would have a lower melting point...thanks for clarifying!
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    seach accelerator cable

    Huby, If you are having no luck sourcing LOKAR performance from Germany, look for a tandem road bike rear brake cable and housing from your local Bicycle Shop. They are the same size (~1.7mm x 3500mm), good quality, and are multi-strand. Go with a good brand like Campagnolo or Shimano...
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    External mirrors

    Udo, I can give you a 7000 mile report that no stress develops on the Lexan window using the F1 mirror. I chose these for a number of reasons and I also see them used on the GT-40's racing in Goodwood. Get the convex mirror and you'll have plenty of side and rear view. The only issue early...
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    Rcr 40-31

    Great to see you on the road and putting some miles on the car. What are you up to? I'm at 7000 mi and 1st set of rear Avons are about done! Have fun out there, wish I could join you!
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    Fuel pick up tubes

    There's this style available: with My RCR came with this style, but I went a different direction... Careful with the JB Weld and other over-the-counter may...
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    License Plate Solutions

    I'm definitely not a fan of hanging a plate off the bodywork, so I think you have the right idea, Cameron. I mounted directly to my lower valance with floating nut-plates so the license plate is fixed and set back to not affect or block the heat extraction. I incorporated the license plate...
  7. Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Cobrajet's GT-40 MKI

    Fuel stop in Tabernash, CO, on the way to Grand Lake, CO > Kremmling > Eagle > Vail > Denver, CO.
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    Show us your GT40!

    Really enjoying my RCR GT-40! Took me about 8 yrs to get it to this point. I did all the bodywork and finished it with several coats of British Racing Green B/C. Also, extensive use of aircraft wiring, circuit breakers, and doing what it takes to build in the kind of reliability an endurance...
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    FS USA Well worn Avon 295/50-15 tires (Free)

    Hey Dave, As far as I know Mike still wants them but I have not yet pulled them off the car. I think they're still good for a few more winter drives before I pull them off. That said, you're still in the backup position!
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    Squeaky brakes

    Hey Randy, To keep the dust down I use a rat tail file to bevel the leading edges but in this case there is no change in the squeal. Also gone the RTV route and no change. Like mentioned earlier the high-freq vibration is being generated from or projected elsewhere. Since the BP-20’s are...
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    Squeaky brakes

    Tried that already, and the anti squeal shims.too. The resonance seems to be generating from another area in the system and/or the pad/rotor combo is incompatible?
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    Squeaky brakes

    I feel your pain on the street... I run the Wilwood BP20 pads in the rear (4 piston Wilwood rear, 6 piston fronts). They feel great once heated up to temp on the track or mountain driving, low on dust, but their "unique metallic composite formulation" is high on squeal as you pull up to a...
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    Here's how to find the date on those tires. Look for the DOT numbers, find the four numbers at the end of the code. The last two numbers are the year of production, the first two is the week it was produced in that year. So a 1405 end code would designate a tire that was produced in 2005 on...
  14. Enderle Fuel return valve

    Enderle Fuel return valve

    Enderle fuel injection shutoff valve re-purposed as return fuel tank selector valve. 1 = From fuel rail return/regulator, 2 = to left tank return, 3 = to right tank return. A simple choke cable routed to the cockpit allows transfer of fuel to selected tank. Over center spring is used to hold...
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    Any thoughts on this body?

    Ian is right, the one's I've seen (including mine) have an inner fender plate behind the headlights to protect and seal the lights. There's an oval or kidney shaped access plate with weatherseal that is removed to gain access to the electricals, and headlight mounting. Without it you'll...