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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    I was a fun time for sure, always great seeing other people's builds.
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    Selling immediately after building?

    I live in Houston Tx and I went 5 years without ac, I just added it because I decided to make the car water tight so I can drive it without worry about the weather. I have almost 22K miles on my car.
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    Weather seal, mounted on door or body

    The top part of the image is the front clip and the bottom is the door on the passenger side; the seal you can hardly see here is the same seal in the images below. The seal is clipped on the front clip This is the same image with the door open looking from in the car. Weather stripping...
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    Weather seal, mounted on door or body

    I mounted mine on the body, I used to have on the doors but when I opened the door I would get wet. I have done lots of work to ensure my SL-C is water tight. I like to do long range drives and I always run across rain. I have also added drain ports on the flat portion of the spider to...
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    Half shafts leaking - Riccardo Transaxle

    I have never had a problem with the large bolts so I reused mine. The washer needs to be replaced because the new one is thicker and the old one will not will not work with the new Accufab bolts. I used the same grease as well.
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    SLC 001 Build

    I do not have any free play in the clutch and my throw on the pedal is pretty short.
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    NEW SLC LOOK!!!!

    It would be hard to that windshield work and be practical, there would be no room for the windshield wiper for starters
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    ac belt part #

    Update, I went ahead and got the Holly Compressor mount that fits on the lower passenger side Part # HLY-20-159 this bracket is specific to the SD7 compressor that comes with the vintage air kit and I purchased the Holly accessory belt tensioner part # HLY-97-156. With this combination I had to...
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    Need some starter info

    The link below is the starter I ordered for my Ricardo: I had to replace my starter after my two little bolts sheared off and the cv came off at 100+mph
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    Half shafts leaking - Riccardo Transaxle

    I have had a similar problem, sounds like your two little bolts holding the CV's on might be broke. This is a common problem with these. The bolts tend to shear off. Can you pull your CV's off the spline without unbolting or do they feel loose? If the bolts are broken then a company called...
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    ac belt part #

    I am using the RCR mounting kit, I started out with the Gates K040365 but it appears to be too long. I just switched to Gates K040360; its about 0.375" shorter. It still seams a little long but better. If I go with a shorter belt I will not be able to slip it over the pulleys. I think the...
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    Who was at WannaGoFast Dallas 2018?

    I did not run at all, I fully planned to but I woke up that morning with a flat tire, dead battery, and burnt relays. So I thought to myself, today is not my day. Plus my tire was still leaking air. I will try to make it back next year. I think I will be close to 170 mph, comparing my car...
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    2009 Superlite Coupe For Sale w/ LS7 441cc **SOLD**

    Re: 2009 Superlite Coupe For Sale w/ LS7 441cc Ricardo Trans $89,000 Attached are some links to YouTube videos of the car.<?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p>...
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    Body Gel-Coat Colors

    if you are going with the street tail I would go black gel coat, this way the rear diffuser won't have to be painted.
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    Hello From Texas!

    Awesome! When you get registered lets get together for a cruise.