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    ATK Engines.

    Check the manifold fit all round in a dry assembly. You can use the cork end seals to get the height correct ( then throw them away and use silicone rtv). I've had an new Edelbrock manifold that was a problem fit in the past so a problem there is not unheard of.
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    ATK Engines.

    I suspect that you have a leak at the intake/head interface that is allowing water to be drawn into the plenum area of the intake manifold itself; this would explain the presence of water in all the bores. Replace the intake gaskets and refit the intake. To make sure it's leak free you can...
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    2019 Formula 1

    The change from 13" to 18"dia wheels is a really big one that barely gets a mention in that vid. F1 has been using high sidewall slick tyres since the early '70s and, cosmetically, they have contributed a lot to how we think an F1 car should look. Formula E cars look strange to me with those...
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    GT40 replica prices

    Abbey panels according to auction blurb
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    ford 289 hp

    For all sbf info :
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    Gurney Eagle engine specs?

    Gurney did produce a 4v manifold in aly to match the Eagle heads as part of the road car kit that he had hoped to sell to Ford. On a 5.4 litre GW ( William Mills Head) I ran a hydraulic roller with .608/587 lift, 289/304 dur with 12.5 comp. Custom steel crank, Carrillo 5.315" rods, custom JE...
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    Grunt versus grip

    They are limited to a Dunlop CR65 650M on a 10" rim on the rear at Goodwood, combined with rather more hp than in period.
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    Race 8 stack manifold

    Pm sent
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Are those dished tri-wing spinners (rear wheels) from SGT?
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    Anyone used Zircotec for Exhaust coating?

    Shotblast then Hi temp bbq paint.
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    Very, Very Famous People . . .

    'A stylish couple in the rain in London (1963)' in part 3 shows actor Tom Courtenay with (probably) Julie Christie.
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    ERA for sale

    In some senses there is no difference between the GE and GW heads ; after all it just a name on the valve cover. However, in period heads badged as Weslakes were the race versions (Weslake mk1,2,3,and 4), only the last version having the inclined carbs. Gurney then developed a detuned, cheaper...
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    24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend!

    Most of that zigging and zagging was to break the tow on the straights (FGT didn't have the straight line speed otherwise), I would classify the remaining manoeuvres as robust!
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    2018 Formula One

    Wheel tether running inside the wishbone?
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    289 Kit

    Still waiting to hear about the piston spec!