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    Busy weekend

    They look about right to me! ;0)
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    Looking for an affordable body. No longer looking

    OP, Best bet is to call/email Bill or Fran. Chris Arden may have something for you right now. (get all the parts from one source) Trying to marry different parts together is a real job if you are not a professional fiberglass repair guy as mentioned in a previous thread. Scott
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    OP, Randy, You wont be able to fit the front or rear clips easily either as they wont match up between replicas!! A HOT MESS to say the least....... I would recc. you buy the body all together from one source. (unless of course you or a GOOD friend are great at repairing fiberglass/corvette/boat...
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    dropped floor tray

    JP, You may want to try putting the back of your seat all the way up against the bulkhead. I dont have a picture of my seat handy, but it hinges in the middle where the top and bottom half meet so you can adjust the slope. I am 6'2" and lay back in my seat and clear with about an inch to spare...
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    steering wheels and misc

    OP, sent you a PM. Scott
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    427 side oiler in KVA

    Porsche 930 trans or Rbt........
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    Tire pressure for NT555?

    Dwight, I run about 25-26psi on all four corners while on the street with DRs. (you can mark a couple of lines across the tire treads and check the wear pattern after a short drive) . Adjust as necc. S
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome Danny and George! A friend of mine in Lake Helen has an up and running Active Power chassis. I am in Daytona beach-side. Where are you located Danny? Congrats to you both, S
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    Happy 4th July

    More humor for the 4th!! S
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    What's better than two GT40s in Colorado?

    Tom, Was nice to see you again and see all the mods to your 40! Hopefully next time we can get them on the track and wring them out a little...... Mike thanks for the pics/video and bringing your SPF out. Was nice to meet you and hope you decide to keep your car. Now lets plan a trip to...
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    Rumor Has It . . .

    OP, The Superformance wide body rear clip looks a LOT different than the wide body gulf cars I checked out a couple of years ago at the Amelia Island Concours. (the rear clips looked more like flairs were added to standard width bodies, rather than widening the rear deck and changing the flair...
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    Throttle cable length

    OP, Probably too late now, but most large motorcycle repair shops can make you a stronger/heavy-duty cable with all the fixings while you wait. They make them all the time for clutch and throttles....... S
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    Role cage recommendation for GTD40?

    Yuji, As previously mentioned the cage turns the car into a "track" only toy with helmet unless you want to take a chance....... I think the gtd/kva chassis has a roll-bar/hoop behind the driver going to the roof=line or just-under. Why don't you see if you can get a good fabricator to turn that...
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    Nick, A 2500 cruise rpm is reasonable for cruising at 85mph. (I would probably want the rpm to be a little lower going any long trips) Even with a low (.6 something over-drive top gear) and 26" tall tires and a 4.11 r&p you will hit 2500 rpm around 70-74mph........ Which tranny have you...
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    Nick, I’m sure with 600hp it will pull like a beast no matter what gears are in it. The cars only weigh 2100-2500lbs. The reason I stated rpm/tire diameter/speed is that you may not be able to drive it anywhere if you gear it wrong and are taching 3500 rpm at 60mph...... With a 70mph speed...