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    rear clip and rims for sale

    (and if possible weight of the wheels, should be light for that size in magnesium)
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    rear clip and rims for sale

    No rush. Most likely 14" wide and six pin drive.......
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    rear clip and rims for sale

    OP, What is/are the width of the rear wheels and offset? (from rear mounting flange to outer lip of wheels) Six pin drive or five pin, and pin hole spacing?? Thanks, Scott
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    What might you do?

    As already mentioned the cost of an SPF roller is roughly 2.5x what a deluxe RCR kit runs. By the time you get the RCR to the same level of fit/finish completion they are much closer in cost depending on WHO is doing the work. If you plan on doing any serious track time with the gt40 I would...
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    Rear Vent Measurement

    Panel is 18x12.....
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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    Takis, I would stay away from the MT Sportsmans for a road car. I bought a set when I first,"Gulfed" the rear clip for set-up and rim/tire sizing. They looked like AVONs, were out of round, and would have had to have been shaved. Even then I probably would have never gotten rid of all the...
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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    Here is a pic........during a quick alignment.
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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    M&H makes a 390 45/15 drag radial that is dot certified......... (it is a little taller like 33, I run it on my RCR GT40)
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    Avon CR6ZZ. age of tire

    Fred, general rule of thumb is replace at 5 years.There is supposed to be another set of numbers stating when tire was made......ex 2010 would mean 20thwk of 2010. S
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    Busy weekend

    They look about right to me! ;0)
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    Looking for an affordable body. No longer looking

    OP, Best bet is to call/email Bill or Fran. Chris Arden may have something for you right now. (get all the parts from one source) Trying to marry different parts together is a real job if you are not a professional fiberglass repair guy as mentioned in a previous thread. Scott
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    OP, Randy, You wont be able to fit the front or rear clips easily either as they wont match up between replicas!! A HOT MESS to say the least....... I would recc. you buy the body all together from one source. (unless of course you or a GOOD friend are great at repairing fiberglass/corvette/boat...
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    dropped floor tray

    JP, You may want to try putting the back of your seat all the way up against the bulkhead. I dont have a picture of my seat handy, but it hinges in the middle where the top and bottom half meet so you can adjust the slope. I am 6'2" and lay back in my seat and clear with about an inch to spare...
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    steering wheels and misc

    OP, sent you a PM. Scott
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    427 side oiler in KVA

    Porsche 930 trans or Rbt........