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    Porsche 930 Trans Stuff

    Hello Gents, as it has been a few years since selling off the race car I have not been on here much. However I have been cleaning around the shop and stumbled upon some things that maybe someone here can use. Here's the catch......I don't want anything for this stuff as I have gotten much...
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    F1 in 2017

    No gossip out of the UK about Force India's Vijay Mallya being arrested for fraud?
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    Tilton 3 way Resevoir vs Wilwood Master Cylinder Hose Adapter

    I have never gotten any longevity from the Wilwood or Tilton hose before they leak. Years ago I started using the blue hose found on older Porsche 911s. I get it from Pelican Porsche,sold by the foot,at a reasonable price. It has a nice blue braided cloth covering and it really holds up through...
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    WOW, I mean, most of us have at least band saws, drill presses and grinders, others have nice equipment like press breaks,finger breaks,etc, and the lucky ones have mills,lathes,surface grinders,etc... However not many of us are able to cut our own splines!!! Damn,now I have to hit the auctions...
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    Cost of Paint and Body Work?

    Recently bought paint for my 2002 Spec Miata with the Lazer Blue Mica and it was $820 a gallon in Dupont Chromabase(why I chose that color for a race car,I'm not sure), and a gallon of red for another car was a little over $800. However if I got the red in Dupont's "jobber" line Nason, then the...
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    Inverted 930 trans mount

    Bob, even with solid mounts and no rear trans mount, no vibration whatsoever. I mean the car was a full race car with solid rod end suspension, so it felt smoother than expected.
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    Inverted 930 trans mount

    I had support rods from the frame down to a mount at that pad when I first built my car. Then later I removed them. I had the engine solid mounted at the sides and mid plate. Seven years of 20-25 days each year of track use and never had an issue.
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    Mclaren M8b replica (visual)

    What's wrong with the paint up close? Maybe it could use just a wet sand and buffing out to get rid of some dust nibs??
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    Porsche G50 box can't select gears with engine running

    Clutch not releasing all the way? Bleed the clutch and make sure you have full travel of the slave cylinder.
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    Mclaren M8b replica (visual)

    You're not using gel coat for finished surfaces of the mold?
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    Quaife Gear whine

    There may not be anything "wrong" with the gear in the first place. Maybe the gears are made with a tooth pitch that might be stronger and just have a natural whine to them. I know the gears I had made by Albins for my 930 were still helical and not straight cut, but still had some whine to them.
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    Ozi 206 sp

    I made an adapter that goes right into a 5/8 collet and the hole saw threads onto that,so everything is held more solidly.However this looks much better!
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    Ozi 206 sp

    Wow, I never thought to use one of those drills. I just have been using cheap hole saws in the milling machine. I bet they make a more accurate cut!!
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    Brake experts, advice please.

    Which Willwood calipers are you trying? I once used the Billet Dynalites and got the piston size wrong( a little small) and used their street pad that gives off no dust( and as a tradeoff, not much stopping friction). I could almost bounce the pedal off the floor and it wouldn't stop any better...
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    Running in Ferrari P 3/4 0846's rebuilt gearbox

    I am surprised at how smooth the idle is. That must make it much easier to get the car under way and around the paddock. However I must admit that I may be thinking that all the Ferrari race motors sound like the 312PB in the series "Victory by Design".