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    SPF extra wide body 15x13 BRM wheels

    Franklyn, another recommendation (regardless of what tires you settle on) is to apply paint protection film to the lip of the rear clip that surrounds the tires. That will keep your paint in that area from degrading from the small rocks and pebbles your tires will collect.
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    SPF extra wide body 15x13 BRM wheels

    Franklyn, I've driven my GT40 on the road with two sets of Avon CR6ZZ tires for more than 20,000 miles. They pick up more debris than other tires, but they are fine for the street. I highly recommend them and would personally not use any other tires.
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    Remote Oil Filter

    I have a very similar set-up on my car. Works great.
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    2020 Superlite SLC For Sale

    That is one beautiful and well built car.
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    Superformance gt40 mk2 p2433

    Hey, it's only money......
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    Superformance gt40 mk2 p2433

    Chris, here's the engine Prestige built for me. 363 stroker with Borla 8 Stack and Holley Terminator X EFI.
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    Superformance gt40 mk2 p2433

    Congratulations, Chris. I like the color combination, and am glad to see your car will be arriving soon. Not sure where you're located, but I'm just south of Charlotte. Would be good to connect locally sometime. Doug and his team at Prestige built my engine about two years ago. You've made...
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    Tire Availability

    The AVON stickers are from They don't show the lettering style on their website but if you call them they can ship them to you if you explain what you're looking for. This is the second set of tires I've applied them to. Very good product. The tires are DOT rated. The...
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    Tire Availability

    After almost five months of waiting, Roger Krause Racing was finally able to ship my new tires. If anyone is considering new tires, plan ahead....
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    Rock Hill SC is $4.75 for 93 octane. Thanks to our state government for some of the lowest gas taxes in the U.S. Even at those prices, it's probably less than petrol has cost in the UK, EU and Australia/New Zealand for the last several decades. So as much as we Americans complain about gas...
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    Error in SPF Wiring Diagram

    Unfortunately, it's hardly an owners manual. SPF builds great cars but their attention to detail in documentation is severely lacking.
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    Great Holman Moody Video

    This video was posted a few days ago. Documents the current work being undertaken by Paul Whitlock and the Holman Moody team on their continuation GT40 MKII builds. Paul has undertaken most of the work on my SPF MKI over the years. It's nice to live in Charlotte where there is so much support...
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    Superformance MKI Sale on BAT

    Jim, the SPF dealer closest to me in Columbia, SC has a Monza Red MKI for sale at $151k. Hillbank doesn't have any rollers available. I'm guessing the wait time for a new order is close to a year.
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    Superformance MKI Sale on BAT

    Some of you may have been following this car which just sold.
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    Engine management

    Joe, that's correct. Terminator X MPFI. I purchased that through Prestige Motorsports in Concord, NC.