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    Prestige Motorsports, Concord, NC

    Glad to hear you used Prestige, Eric. Their three year warranty is also excellent.
  2. Dave Hood is Twenty!

    Thanks to Ron and everyone who has built and maintained this site. It's been a great resource as I've enjoyed my GT40 over the last seven years.
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    Superformance GT40 MKI at Mecum Monterey

    This MKI received a bid for $170k today at Mecum but it didn't meet the reserve price. Nice to see the value of these cars holding or increasing. Auctions like this are usually not the best place to sell a GT40, but the Monterey auction is probably the strongest event for Mecum.
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    F v. F, round 2?

    Thanks for sharing that, Chris.
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    Future 40 color scheme

    Kristian, I believe that anyone who owns a GT40 should customize it to their taste, especially if they intend to hold on to it and enjoy it for a number of years. Hillbank's Future 40 has a great look, but from what I can tell they've been unable to sell it for quite a while. The price is...
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    Street tire question

    I had Goodrich T/A radials for about six months, then switched to Avon CR6ZZs. I've got 20,000 street miles on them, and they're excellent. I would never switch to anything else.
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    Need advice to build pair of race muffler slip on’s

    Chris, I use silencers similar to these that are attached to my megaphones. I think something similar is used in the IMSA racing series. Works really well and doesn't detract from the look of a GT40.
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    Electric Vechicles Are Here - The world is rapidly going to S#@!

    It's a sad state of affairs, for sure.
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    My, my. New Zealand '40 had a rough day.

    That looks like more than $30k in damage. Despite 20,000 miles on my SPF, my last speeding ticket was in 1976. I'm trying to keep that record intact.
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    New for SPF- Vent/"Toll" window seal kit

    Hey Rick. I'll take a set of the silicone seal kit. Looks much better than SPF's black foam!
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    Need help with rear camera position.

    About four years ago I installed this system on my SPF Mk1. The camera is mounted on the license plate and it works really well. The video image is displayed via a local WiFi network on my iPhone via an app called SightWiFi. Makes backing up into parking spaces super easy. I highly recommend...
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    Universal Ford, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Very true. But maybe $8 million (rough estimate of the current value of the three cars) - $272,000 still results in a profit of $7.7 million today. Anyway, one can only dream.
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    Universal Ford, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Someone sent me the advertisement below from 1966. Look at what your Dad could have purchased for a combined total of less than $33,000. I'd say that might have been a good investment.
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    Lift kit problems

    Takis. I've had the RamLift system installed on my front for about 7 years now. I also swapped out the stock SPF springs for shorter ones. The system seems to work on and off, and I've never been thrilled with it. I've managed fine without the lift system working. I just drive at an angle...
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    New member - Charlotte, NC

    Hi, Brad. My name is Dave Hood, and I'm located in Fort Mill. My car is a SPF MK1, but I know the RCR product is excellent. Looking forward to another GT40 in the Charlotte area.