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    Scott T's build - Safir GT40

    Run into that on MG T series, best to tear down and refresh.. you will probably find crud on valves and goop pm piston rings. A good clean, reseal is not much money but the labor is the gotcha. Then you run the slippery slope since labor is a given, you get into, might as well fix this...
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    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Survived the Rona, just a pesky sinus like infection for me. Taste is coming back now. From freedom loving land of Texas.
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    Which to choose from?

    Look at Southern GT
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Hi Bob, How is the suspension redesign going?
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Awsome job Bob
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    Lotus 23 recreation built

    Very nicely done
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    Race Car Replicas Lou & Ryan RCR40

    How is the Boxter transmission holding up?
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    The F#@&ing things on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to wonder when you see folks with new super cars burnt, why they couldn’t spend $300 on a fire system. I have done a couple of fire schools thru vintage racing and it is impressive how composites reignite once they get to a certain temp. So catching a fire quickly in a composite...
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    ZF 5 DS-25/2 for sale

    Saw the same thing on a couple of sites this week. They did a friend of mine's TC that way. Scammers our of eastern Europe is what it turned out to be.
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    Electronic turn signals

    I did the same though the hard way, adding diodes in the mix
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    Electronic turn signals,7079.html I have used this and it works great!
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    Door striker drawing

    Any source for the Vangaurd/Mayflower ones in NZ?
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    Door striker drawing

    I have had no luck there. I was advised the ones I am getting were also fitted to early cars (Rover P4) I have had no luck on my Triumph Mayflower ect searches. Thanks
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    Door striker drawing

    On my quest of parts gathering I have got Rover door latches on the way but I am looking for a drawing for the dimensions of the original strike plate so I can have a pair EDM cut. Appreciate any info. Thanks David
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    MIG alloy welding

    I have an Everlast 210EXT mig and a Everlast I mig200 and very happy with the price and performance of these units.