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    Modern-day Miura

    Dam shame you have that view from your place! But thanks for the info on the helping hand, that is easy and slick!
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    The molds are off of an original 66mk1 I forgot which number but I can ask. I am awaiting a call from F5 to give them my cc to have the windshield picked up. He also has an original GT40 windshield we can compare it to as well . Will advise
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    Modern-day Miura

    Can you show what you used to curve the 1/2 tube to bend like that. Thanks
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Where do you find the simplifix hose and fittings?
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    Original Ignition amp

    I have run a HI -6 for 23 years on my MGB v8 and works really well, rev limiter saved me when at pet shifted and stuck full throttle in 3rd gear whilst entering the freeway!
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    was that the place out of MN?
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    1999 302 Explorer engine

    To begin my build I have started with a 161k mi engine out of an Explorer. $400 with freight. Opened it up, sill has factory cross hatching. No sludge inside. This will be a great base for a 350hp build with a cam shaft change and new springs. The GT40P heads just need a little exhaust porting.
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    369 gearbox question

    I am in Houston TX. I saw Chris's name in the threads. Anyone stateside?
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    FS USA Weber 48 IDF setup for sale

    Soooo TEMPTING....
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    369 gearbox question

    So I pulled my 369 transxaxle out of storage to strip off the old paint. The tube over he input shaft is cracked and worn. A new one came with the purchase of the unit. When I went to check the shaft for play it had a huge amount as if it had a ball end on it. Is this much play normal...
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    Could not get in touch with Dan but the Factory 5 GTM is supposed to fit. Now that being said, I am having one picked up in a couple of weeks and trial fitted to my spider before it ships to me. I can let folks know the results. My body is being made by Bill Hough.
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    369 gearbox repair manual

    Trying to locate a pdf of a repair manual or the transmission section out of a Renault 30 haynes manual. My search did not come up with any good links. Thanks David
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    MK1 road car 4v intake

    Are there any archives on the configurations of the road cars that left Slough?
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    power steering

    Please post pictures and parts you used. Was it electric?