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    Silverstone Classic 2019

    Reminder to all
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    Silverstone Classic 2019

    The Club Code for this event is now published on the Club Website > Members forum. Happy New Year to All, David.
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    Squeaky brakes

    For those with Brake Squeal & Vibrations. I was recently reading an article dealing with these issues, can't find it again to copy and paste but the essence of the article was that the cause was a partial break down of the front wheel bearings, on examination, the individual bearing balls had...
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    Has my vote, total 72 votes puts you 60 ahead!
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    Silverstone Classic 20-22 July 2018

    :shocked:IMPORTANT NOTICE Car club package is available until the END of MAY. Track Parade available as well, see my previous post Sign up NOW for a great weekend.
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    YOUR Club AGM

    :idea: The Club AGM this year will take place at The National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire UK. CV8 2LZ Monday, MONDAY 7 May 2018 1.00PM The Conference Theatre, (small room on left) Main Item on the agenda is the election of committee members. Regards David.
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    Silverstone Classic 20-22 July 2018

    TRACK PARADE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Silverstone Classic Organisers have allocated the GT40s a Track Parade!!!!!!!! It is scheduled for Lunchtime Saturday 21 July........... Be at the Gt40 Club area 10.30 - 11.00AM for instructions from the organisers. Enjoy
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    Farewell Message

    Hello to All Club Members, I’m sure most of you will have read in the last two editions of Fortyfication that after 11 years as Club Secretary I shall be standing down at the AGM. The problem is that no one has volunteered to take over so if there is anyone out there who could help, in the short...
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    HI Brian,Will update your email address and amend your membership to continue your origional...

    HI Brian,Will update your email address and amend your membership to continue your origional club number, will email your new login info when all is set. regards, David.
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    Membership Renewal

    :shocked:Hi To All Members, Some of you have not renewed your membership for this year and I am about to close the list of postal addresses for the next edition of "FORTYFICATION" No.117. If you do not RENEW MEMBERSHIP NOW then you will miss receiving this edition! Login & do it NOW. GT40...
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    Silverstone Classic 20-22 July 2018

    :helmet: Hi ALL Members. I bring to your attention the discount offer available to all CLUB MEMBERS. 2 for 1 entry & infield parking for Classics Cars. Full details on the New Club Website/ Events page where you will find details of numerous events now posted. GT40 Enthusiasts Club ...
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    2017 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 10-12 November

    The next Committee Meeting is to take place at the NEC on Friday 10th November..... This should make sure that there will be Maximum Manpower available on this day? David.
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    Events In the UK

    :happy::thumbsup: Some information on forth coming events; It is all on the NEW WEBSITE! GT40 Enthusiasts Club To All Members & Visitors if you find yourself in the UK & at the right place at the right time come & enjoy the fun 1. Breakfast events once a month at; Goodwood...
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    Eric Broadley

    Sad news, a man of vision, RIP.
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    R.I.P. Eric Broadley

    Sad news, a man of vision, RIP.