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    Australian Compliant Seatbelts

    Hi Lance Think I can help you. Have a look at the seat belt in the rear seat of a commodore wagon around 2000 to 2009 ish. The seat lays back at about the same angle as the DRB mounts, I fitted these to my DRB then just had to buy some longer stalks for them to click into. Hope this helps...
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    Darrells trip to Le Mans and Goodwood

    Thanks Clayton Did not know about the shuttle from the rail station to Goodwood,I was going to hire a car from Portsmouth but now will train it. Thanks again Darrell
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    Darrells trip to Le Mans and Goodwood

    Thanks Jason I will be buying a weekend ticket but my wife will do a day only and will do the local sites on the other days. Darrell DRB LS1/G50 Newcastle Australia
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    Darrells trip to Le Mans and Goodwood

    Hi Guys and Ladies My wife and I are going to the 24 hour at Le Mans this year and a few weeks later we will be back for the classic. We did the same in 2016 and had a great time, the only down side was I never had the chance to speak to any of the owners of the GT40s on display at the classic...
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    G’day from Downunder

    G,day Kyle Good to see an another Ozzie on site. I have a DRB registered in NSW since 2009, still love driving it. Where are you? Plenty of gt40s spread around and plenty of good advice available both here on the forum and locally. Look forward to seeing some picks and history on your car...
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    Hi John Wow rely looks the businesses, you should be very happy with yourself and we cannot wait to see it in anger. I am always impressed with you work and all without the fancy stuff some other builders seem to think are needed for these projects. Your 8 stack injection looks like...
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    Mike's drb #41 build

    Hi Mike Had a quick look at the website and if you cannot make sense of it PM me as i still have their catalog. Darrell DRB LS1 G50
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    Mike's drb #41 build

    Hi Mike Here in OZ the go to people are Flexible Drive Agencies. They have a cable ordering system that you slot in your dimensions and they will supply you a cable, I think Peter was using one of their cables off the shelf. I had my made a little longer to better route it. I used them often...
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    J.W.E. Check List

    Hi Jim When I was doing my apprenticeship a long long time ago i remember the saying (a tappy tappet is a happy tappet) seriously though, maybe after 24 hours they may mushroom or pound into the head a little. Darrell
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    I Bought a Race Car

    Hi Pete I see your car on the Phillip Island entry list, I will be there hope to see you. Just purchased a FF in a pile of boxes. Should be a fun project. Darrell DRB LS1/G50
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    Plasti Dip Thread

    Hi Pete Your cars look great, I have an old BMW with shot paint it may be something I need to look at. ps That Pontiac badge should read Holden Commodore. they are killing them of here in Oz but that progress? Darrell DRB LS1/G50
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    GT90 from ground up

    Hi Guys Maybe Flatchat may be able to shed some light on the situation as he lives Qld and I think he would be the go to man for any specialist machining etc. Darrell DRB LS1/G50
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Larry Peter Crosgrove has retired from the military but his quick wit has not hurt him. He is now the Governor General of Australia (the Queens representative) He does not suffer fools well, I have watched several reporters ask him stupid questions only to be put very quickly in their place...
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    Joest Porsche WSC car

    Hi John Just sent you a message. Darrell DRB LS1/G50
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    Wheels ..

    Hi John Wheels, paint etc are so subjective. My only advice would is have a real good took around and then please only yourself.this is what I did with my car. Darell DRB#46 LS1/G50