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    Darrin's MMR BOSS based GT40

    Looks like you're going to have some fun Soon? I bet you're itching to get into it! :pepper:
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    Hi from South Australia

    Hey Bill, your kit shouldn't be too far away now! Hope you get around to starting a detailed Build Thread?
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    Hi from South Australia

    Hi Bill, I'm hoping to do the same thing with RF in the next 1-2 years, so I'll be keenly interested to see how you get along with your project!! Cheers, Darren.
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    Aluminium Monocoque or Steel Space Frame Chassis?

    Forgive me if this subject/question has already been covered before - I'm a newbie to this forum!! I'm currently looking into a number of kits at the moment and I'm not sure whether to go with a Steel Triangular Space Frame or Aluminium Semi-Monocoque Chassis? The GT40 that I want to build...