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    McCopy mk 5

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    McCopy mk 5

    "My thoughts are to put some 30 mm perforated tube with baffles to encourage the gas/sound to follow a torturous route out." How did you go with the additional baffles.? I just added some to my GT40 Build.
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    AUDI 012 was used in AUDI V8 FWD cars.... AUDI A8 - 5 speed manual transmission. 012 - CPF,CVE,CUR,DAF,DDM,DPF AUDI 100/A4 2.8L - 5M - 012 - CAC, CUZ, DHW, DVX, AUDI 100/AVANT 1994 Upto 2.8L 5M - 012 - (37/10) CUZ, CAC, CNY. (35/9) CER, CUR, CDX, CMA. (31/8) CEP Flanged shaft...
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    Chevron B8 01x

    I purchased an Adapter Kit FORD to AUDI 01E from Chris/Flatchat for my SBF to AUDI 012, works well. All holes lines up except 1 that need a re-drill as the OIE/012 had different Dowel Positioning holes. I believe his kit is multi-fit across the early AUDI range. I read that the O1X/O1E were...
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    I have been a bit quiet lately, so thought I should add some photo's and an update. 4 years...

    I have been a bit quiet lately, so thought I should add some photo's and an update. 4 years since the build started on an Unfinished Project. 2 Test Drives, 1st drive 7th Dec 2019 to Calibrate VDO Electronic Speedo and 2nd drive for Brake Test last week, 8th of May 2020. Mechanically finished...
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build

    I have had 2 test drives, but still a long way to go. Last Thursday drive was to have a Brake Check. Big smile all day.:cool:
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build

    A very nice build Nick, it is a real credit to your workmanship.
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    Shocks/Springs dimensions

    Problems trying to upload pics.
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    Shocks/Springs dimensions

    I used Viking 2.5" diameter shocks and 400lb springs front and rear, no track days, but very firm on the road.
  10. Tornado TSC40 - Front.jpg

    Tornado TSC40 - Front.jpg

    Empty font clam - 4th of April 2016
  11. Tornado TSC40 - No Engine or Gearbox.jpg

    Tornado TSC40 - No Engine or Gearbox.jpg

    No Engine or Gearbox - 4th of April 2016
  12. Tornado TSC40.jpg

    Tornado TSC40.jpg

    Purchase of unfinished project from Bob Mortimer - 4th of April 2016
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    KVA / SGT build

    Udo, I can't believe the progress speed of your build.:cool: