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    SPA Six Hour 2016

    I think so too. But why / how are they running non-original cars (as I believe both cars are) at Le Mans Classic and Goodwood?
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    SPA Six Hour 2016

    I saw this car at Le Mans Classic last weekend. It has a J.W. Automotive Engineering chassisnumber plate with some sort of hand written chassis no.: GJD-006. I have no clue what that means. Again it was driven bij Chris Ward and I believe it's from JD automotive So, again this looks like a...
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    I see Claude Nahum is selling his P1016 at RM Sotheby's in Monterey (august) Wordt dit de duurste Ford ooit? (foto’s) – P-magazine Does anyone have more info? Is he keeping P1078? Will he race LMC? WHY???
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    FORD GT40 GELSCOE 1969 specs

    Tessie is P1025
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    1016 color

    1016 is Claude Nahum's car You could ask him next time in Spa or Le mans Classic.
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    Spa-Francorchamps Trackday

    Yes, I have been to the Classic Salon in Antwerp and saw your car was there next to an also very nice Daytona.
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    GT40 Gear Knobs

    That's too bad... How large needed the badge to be do give it the green light?
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    Spa-Francorchamps Trackday

    @ Fred I didn't see you there. Did you go? It turned out to be a (near) perfect track day. Because of the unpredictable weather (I left my home with even the highway covered in snow) I choose to take my Porsche instead of the Ford. I still regret that choice today. But I had a lot of fun...
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    GT40 Gear Knobs

    +1 I'm interested!
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    Auction: J12

    I thought it would be a lot more ......
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    Farewell Message

    Hi David, I am sorry to hear that....
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    Regards from Holland

    I have seen this car being offered for quite some time in Belgium (Mecanicimport). They have mostly very nice cars for sale. I actually have been there a couple of times in the past to have a look at 2 GT40's they had at that time. Looks like a nice start! If you need any help, just let me...
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    Regards from Holland

    Leerdam is about 1 hr from Middelburg
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    Regards from Holland

    You have 10 posts ;-)