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    U.S. Airways Crash

    I flew AB320's for 6 years with AA. It is a very forgiving aircraft. However, if the incident occurred at night , the outcome would have been fatal. Going from AFR to VFR in a split second in daylight compared to night made all the difference. Due to the fact the demographics were not in his...
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    GT40 45th reunion at Road America

    I booked at Sibkins ! Johan, I look forward too meeting you and everybody else. Can you bring the Lola Spyder dash bridge we talked about in the past? Regards John
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    formula 1 1967 replica cars

    Ohhh myyy GOD!!! Now that is a replica BUILDER!!!!
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    MSD Ignition or Weber Carb Issue?

    Google Inglese inductions. These guys know what is best if you have questions. They can jet your carbs just buy filling out the information stats of your engine. Again, I have been running Webers on my 66 Shelby for 12 years. I rebuilt the carbs once and checked airflow by the unisan every...
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    GT40 45th reunion at Road America

    I will be there with my cars incognitto ! John
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    Being in business

    Gee'zz Yes I have poor speeling when I don't care who reads oit. Why is this thread continue regarding integrity if there is no problme with the company. what really mad me chuckle osis the hamberger man...:'0 If I waas ordrering a stupeid hamburger that cost $60,000.00 + and i specifically...
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    Back to Cars

    The color and workmanship is gourgous!! needs Webers IMHO :) I very seldom give compliments... But yours is well deserved. BRAVO!!!!!
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    Being in business

    Hi AL! I hope you and your family are well. One question! Your opening thread seems to be a little skiddish/ stirring the pot towards RCR. Well understood of course.. considering you lost BIG $$$$$ with RF. I certainly understand your thoughts, assumptions regarding RCR "NOT" returning...
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    Better guage lighting?

    Rich! with all due respect...If you need to look at your guages....YOUR GOING TO SLOW :)
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    MSD Ignition or Weber Carb Issue?

    Weber tuning is simple if you have the basics. That said, every engine is different regardless of what the baseline setting may be. From a person that has been running them for over 15 years this is what I think. You have to make sure you have No leaks in the Manifold or carbs. Fuel pressure no...
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    RF Website

    Thanks! I was thinking that the new Rf was still in contact with Logan which would be a HUUUGE Mistake. Thanks for the INFO!
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    RF Website

    How is it that it is the same website that Logan used is now being used by the "NEW" RF?. In order to take over the website the new website must have had some contact with Logan. Just Wondering...Not trying to stir the pot. John
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    Roaring Forties #36 Joe's Completion Log

    I have a brand new set Front and back for half price if anybody is interested. These are a must.. if you own a RF! John
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    How much room in a Lola T70

    I'm 6'2 and have a new custom Lola spyder that I will be selling shortly. It needs paint and engine. You will fit with no problem..! The price will be much than RCR and less than what I have invested. Pm me if interested Regards John
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    434ci Aluminum Dart Windsor 608 RWHP

    That is a STEAL!!!! I paid over $12,000 for my 302 dart alum with the trimmings