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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    Losing someone close to covid 19 will change ones outlook on masking quickly. Little things can and do make a difference.
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    New Member in Mississippi

    Im in the Kiln
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    Process to glue the GT40 Windshield

    This may have been covered in the previous post,but I don't speak French so Ill throw this in. What ever you do fit the windscreen before you paint the car.If you have to cut something or add material it best to do before you paint or you will toast your very xpensive paint job. Im not sure...
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    What we miss in lockdown

    There are two courses that I would love to just get one lap at speed. .Nr1 Isle of Man TT. Nr2 Indy 500.
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    Lola built on Chris Ardern chassis

    My son showed me how to post pictures. The car is ready to start.Fuel oil and coolant on board.I spent the last two days fitting the headlight covers. Both front and rear clams are ready to hinge up.I made the front so it can tilt up.Took a long time to find an ac evap that would fit up in the...
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    Lola built on Chris Ardern chassis

    This car started with a bare chassis and fuel tanks from Chris at GT reproductions.
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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    First Im an old cold warrior. The very reasons that we have for hating communism gives them a strong advantage when trying to contain a pathogen in the general population. When Xi say lockdown THATS IT you lock down. When he says social distance THATS IT you social distance.When he decides...
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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    Nothing personal,but I believe that down playing this disease is killing people. I also have someone on the frontlines of this pandemic and it is just hammering their morale into the ground. They risk their lives EVERYDAY only to here "its just another flu etc". People take it lightly get...
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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    There are a lot of deceased young people with no preexisting conditions that would disagree with you .If they could.
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    Porsche 997 transaxle shifter help.

    I used a cableshift .com shifter on my active power chassis. Chris also makes a shifter for his chassis.
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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    The thing that really gets me is the comparison by many talking heads and radio hosts that this is just like the flu.My answer to that is this. How many health care workers died last year treating flu victims? When is the last time you went to the DR for the flu that he or she came out fully...
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    Grounded in self isolation

    If hydroxy does have some value(I do hope it does) against covid 19 then why are both Ra and Lupus patients who have been on it for years getting and dying from covid 19? That was the position of a Dr. who has been treating patients for years with hydroxy. I had a really good friend who was...