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    Audi 6 speed shifter

    They (cableshift) were there for me when I bought mine.Answered every call . Got me going quickly. It was also built to be a right hand shift as on original Lolas.
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    Miami Active Power Build

    Ive been building a Lola t70 Mk3b using an active power chassis.I have to agree with the support from Chris at Active power. Also Mac at Mclendon international(Lola Specialist) Im about 90% complete.Im at 18 months total time.Got to subtract about 5/6 months off that for a full shoulder...
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    Windshield wiper motors.

    The address on their site is Try it just like that. They have at least 20 different motors on there. I used fuse boxes,fuel filters through hull fittings for fuel tank vents and lots of other stuff from them on my Lola.
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    Windshield wiper motors.

    Ill check it out for you. I know they must have a web site. I go in one of their chain stores from time to time .That's whereI saw them.I spoke to Mac Mclendon and he uses the 2 speed model in the cars he builds.( Mclendon International Lola)
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    Windshield wiper motors.

    Don't have a picture,but the 2 speed marine universal found at West Marine is as good as you can get for a RHD single blade Lola t 70. 200.00 us or so.They also have a single speed for about 100 us. Both are comp[act and very easy to install. Google up West Marine and take a look.
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    GT40 Manufacturers

    Drivers placement was easy on my Lola Mk3b replica. The dash instrument cluster was on the right.So the steering is now on the right,the shifter is on the right and I guess Ill be on the right to. I thought of converting to left for safety sake(USA) but in reality your head is only about a...
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    The movie is a big hit world wide. Google it up. I decided not to pay attention to things like the wrong hood scoop on a corvette in a race scene early on etc.. I enjoyed it .We now have a car guy movie that you can take non car types to and they will have a good time . If you read "Go like...
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    Marauder lola

    I can send via email Just PM me an address and we will go from there.By the way Im very happy with the active power chassis.
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    Marauder lola

    I would if I could figure it out. I will ask my son when he comes by.
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    Marauder lola

    Lots have happened since I first posted this topic. I had just acquired a Maruder chassis and a Lola body.The rear clam was from Marauder I believe.The front clam center tub and doors are by Mac Mclendon in Fl Got my windshield lights door hinges and latches and windshield hoop from Mac(Great...
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    Audi 016 gear lube

    Thanks for that reply.I love accurate info.
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    Bleeding Clutch

    .You wont get rid of tiny bubbles(Don Ho couldn't either). If your pedal is firm your likely done. Did both my Lola clutch and front brakes on my F150 this weekend.Tiny bubbles with great pedal . Doesn't matter what kind of thread you have you wont beat the vacuum . If you have air in system...
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    Audi 016 gear lube

    Any advice on gear lube for Audi 016 appreciated. Thanks DJ
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    External Slave Cylinder

    Smart move. DJ
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    016 throw out bearing

    Thanks for the info.