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    Where does everyone live?

    Florence Alabama USA
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    Roaring Forties #36 Joe's Completion Log

    Ok Keith time for an update Dwight
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    Camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    I'm waiting on the DVD but come to think of it, big screen? hmmm! yep! I'll have to go the to the theater for this one.
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    Mark I Gulf Livery Specs and Details

    I have chased the paint codes for the Gulf Livery for several weeks. The PPG codes I was given were not in the computer system of the PPG paint store. Well two of them were not. The dark blue stripe PPG code was good. I did a search for SPF paint. I tried using the 2006 Ford GT Heritage codes...
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    Dwight's RCR GT 40

    Erik helped me crank the motor today. We still have a problem with the MS3 ECU but have jumper around the problem. I send DIY an email asking this unit to be replaced. They have tested it three time and said it's good. But it's not. Any way it's running and after I change a couple of things it...
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    Dwight's RCR GT 40

    Picked up a Dart 302 Block with 4.125" bore. Now I have a dilemma. Pull the 347 short block out and install a 363? I will not gain much in horsepower, maybe 20 but a motor that will spin to 7,500 in a GT 40. That would be awesome! Machine work is completed and stored in a climate controlled...
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    Hello from Hungary!

    Yes, I almost forgot Randy build site is full of great ideas.
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    Hello from Hungary!

    welcome have you read these build threads? There are others
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    GT 40 on the track

    bad driver?
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    Steering wheel

    I changed a replica Cobra steering wheel from a 14" to a 15" wheel and it was like I added power steering to the car.
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    GT 40 on the track

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    New RCR 40 Build in Texas

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    Looking for gt40 lhd

    tell us more about the KTM
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    Which Water Pump - 1971 Ford 302

    maybe this will help
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    Block ID help

    I'm sorry. Some how I thought it was a FE. Let's try again 289 65-67 six bolt block