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    Hi Everybody, new to the forum.

    Large active group of Cobra, Coupe and Gt 40 guys & gals in Florida. Email Mark Cubberley at [email protected] if you want to join in the fun. Welcome
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    Randy my tires were new. Andy don't worry the T/A will sell.
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    BF Goodrich tyres

    I agreed with Doug. I owned two sets of T/As. One on a 67 Mustang and the other on a S10 pickup truck. They were bad tires on dry pavement and even worst on wet pavement. I watch Barrett-Jackson Auction and half of the cars have T/As on them. Great looking tire but bad, bad street performance...
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    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    I ran ceramic coated headers on my Cobra for 18 years and 42,000 miles. LOVED them. Cool to the touch within a few minutes. The painted, stainless and chrome headers stay hot for a long time compared to ceramic coating. We had all types of headers in the group I traveled with, so I was able to...
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    Tell me why i should or shouldn’t buy this GT40...

    At the 2018 London Cobra Show I saw a Active Power GT 40. I thought it was put together poorly. If I remember correctly a kit was low $20,000. I would go and look at it before I bought. Look at the detail of construction and material used.
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    Changing my 347 Stroker Engine

    Please tell me about your Fast system. I'm thinking about changing mine.
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    New member in TN

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    New member in TN

    Wilson, Wheeler and Colbert. TVA guy?
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    New member in TN

    I get emails from Mark. Cajun's still open. Come on down. I have six Saturdays and one Sunday every week. See if you can get me on the CCC email list. Thanks Dwight [email protected]
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    New member in TN

    Yes but I have not received any emails from the CCC in a year or so.
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    New member in TN

    One MK I in Huntsville Alabama and one in Florence Alabama. I think one of our guys has a MK II in Miss. Where is East Tenn. are you located?
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    Big Block vs Small Block

    I have a 390 in my '66 Fairlane dressed to look like a 427 ( with fake cross bolts). I bought the car like this last spring. For the last four months I have looked for a FE block that will bore to 4.23". I have gone though six blocks which will not bore to 4.23". I may have located one out of...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    I agree "The World's Fastest Indian" great movie and I've watched it several times.
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    Doc T said he saw some of the Cobras with 17" wheels. I'll be watching for that this afternoon