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  1. ECONOMAN goes all or nuthin.

    Thanks Randy. Here is a scan I took of my engine /tranny. You can make out the red fitting, one of two coming off the back of the head for cooling.
  2. ECONOMAN goes all or nuthin.

    Ok so it's only been 8 years since my last update. Maybe by 2050 I'll have her done. Actually I have been doing little things here and there. I decided to fit up the exhaust for laffs and giggles since I had them ceramic coated.

    Ricardo Gearbox platform support

    Thanks Ken! I was thinking I might have to go the adaptor route in the end.

    Ricardo Gearbox platform support

    Hello John, I am looking into drive axle options. I can't seem to find the C/V joint that fits the Ricardo flange. The Porsche 930 is close but a tad too small. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    FS USA SOLD - RCR Adjustable Pedal Assembly

    Hello Joel, PM sent......I hope. Otherwise I would like to purchase this unit. Is paypal ok? Joseph

    Gt 40 parts

    Per the forum rules prices please.

    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    If you are concerned with heat JET-HOT coatings does a ceramic coat inside and out lifetime gaurantee. I have no affiliation with them.

    CAD drawing. Help me please!

    Scanning a die cast model or part was mentioned earlier in this thread. I have a white light scanner I use for reverse engineering. I would be willing to help. Pete

    flat tow

    I usually don't stick my nose into threads on the forum but in this case I figured I'd give it a go.....I wonder if any kind of towing with anybody in the towed vehical is legal not to mention safe at that distance.

    A Tribute To My Son

    Thank you so much for the outpouring of support. We had his funeral and memorial yesterday. It was very uplifting to see so many people he had touched come out and talk about my son. I was touched and so proud. His name is Jared. Again thank you all so much. It has helped me more than you will...

    A Tribute To My Son

    I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and kindness. It really helps my spirit knowing people care. To my GT40 friends....thank you thank you thank you. Pete

    A Tribute To My Son

    Thank you to all for the kind words.

    A Tribute To My Son

    My son at 32 years of age just passed last Monday in a drowning accident. He was a kind hearted soul willing to help anyone. I never saw him raise his voice in anger. He was thoughtful and articulate. He was interested in many things including my crazy GT40 endeavor. Now that seems...
  14. ECONOMAN goes all or nuthin.

    It's been awhile. Since purchasing my CNC mill I've been pretty busy making stuff for other gear heads. I finally got a chance to do some more for my car. I decided I needed to up the size of the rear calipers. The first pic shows the 1997 C5 caliper. I will take off the Corvette name at some...

    cnc help

    Hello Robert, You might try this They are all about CNC anything and how to build them. Also Newfangled Solutions » CNC Software Home of Mach3 is a popular controller software used by home builders. I use it on my CNC mill. Hope this helps, Pete