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    How many RHD SPF GT40s in the USA?

    Great choice besides that, they do have a better offset to fill the front wheelwells better than most of the BRMS one can see on the SPF MK1´s. Or is this only an optical illusion? TOM
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    How does this work?

    Brian, one can see the rotating housing for balancing out equal side bumps down in the chassis. I´m with you on that. But in cornering this works like a "controlled roll" bar ( even if the levers are not pivoting on the torsion bar). if the outer turn wheel goes in it will push his bell crank...
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    Carbon GT mono

    Dear Urs one honest open word. Up to post #273 i loved the car. Now its all gone. Too fast and too furious for me. sorry ! TOM
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    DCT in a GT40

    Mechanicwise it should be not different from adapting any other transaxle. Requires custom made adapterplate, driveshafts and transmounts. Key to mechanical succes will be the dimensional fit ( lenght, outputshaft location forward/rearward and heightwise) If it has a stand alone hydraulic pump...
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    Stealth fighter Ducati TT

    As i run my SR500 quite successfully in the CLASSIC 500 Class of the "Grab the flag" racing series, i decided to enter the big boys class, the "CLASSIC OPEN" Allowed are bikes over 750 CC (twins, triples and more) up to 1981. A class dominated by some fast SEGALE, BIMOTA KAWAS and EDDIE LAWSON...
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    The Music Zone.

    That keeps me driving Billy Cobham - Tommy Bolin - Stratus - YouTube Billy is a machine Tommy and Jan are awsome and if you want to hear them battling than this tune is for you And their instruments are so close to what represent the spirit of our cars as well ( Les Paul and Minimoog)...
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    I hope i dont insult somebody out here

    There is a quite famous local band around here , having done this already over 15 years ago. Double the speed and bit more pep. i used to play this to my son when he was a baby , he loved it, especially because we have the very similar one cylinder tractor on our parents in laws farm and still...
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    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    5th from left backrow
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    Toms RCR 40 Trackracer

    UPdate: All my efforts to get a better heatmanagement work out like intended: - 180° Robert Shaw high flow thermostat, works great, improved cooling significantly; Temperature is fluctuating between 175° (non load, due to modified thermostat version with 3 bypass holes) and 185° ( load...
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    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    Hi Ryan, congratulations to yours and yours team success. Great design and execution. TOM
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    Servo assisted steering and brakes - why?

    STeering on my RCR does not need any servo support in slow and fast speeds. One can park this car onehanded. It is not the quickest steering, but perfect in high speed runs and corners ( did a 290km/h run last sunday with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the shifter, it is as easy...
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    This locking caps usually are majorly used on wheelbearings on which you adjust the preload with the means of the axlenut. This than is usually not very tight, therefore the support of this locking caps to keep the nut in position. As mentioned before just make shure to use the recommanded...
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    J. Salmon RCR-40 Build

    on my car the stubaxle is locked with two nuts per side(one of it for counteracting). Also use the torque recommanded on the buildmanual(118 lbs/ft =160 Nm) . I have mine additionaly locktied. Should be solved than. TOM
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    A Riviera scratchbuilt GT40

    Check out the VALVOLINE VR1 Mineralic 20 W 50 it is realy a good oil. Other than that i´m using ZDDPLUS to bring up Zinc and phoshat level to above 2200 PPM ( VR1 original still has about 1400 PPM, which is 100% more than in most street legal fullsynt´s with about 500 - 700 ppm)) also it stays...
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    RF #12 "Race" Chassis

    Very cool. Now add the white stripe and a dark tinted rear window. Congratulations, looks very good TOM