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    PM me with what you have.
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    New Transaxle Option?

    I'll just take a complete car "Thank You"
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    Silly short about my build

    Great video, fun to watch.
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    twin front hood vents wanted

    Call Safir ( see ad for Safir above) and talk to Bob Wood and he will mold what your looking for.
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    Hi-Po Heads

    I'm looking for a set of 1965/67 Hi-Po heads # C50E-A in any condition. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard
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    What's better than one GT40?

    What's better that one, how about two or three or even four ? Had five but I sold one.
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    GTD knock on wheels?

    I have 6 revolution wheels.
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    GTD40 Build manual PDFs

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    Cincinnati Car Enthusiast

    Hi Jordy, Welcome, I'm on the west side of Cincinnati and I also like GT40's.
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    Flywheel fitting ZFQ bellhousing

    Safir has a small (original) fly wheel about 11" dia with 142 teeth. They adveryise on GT40s,com.
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    New cars

    RIP Charles F. Seabrook II. Charlie is in the Drag Racing Hall of Fame and all of his cars have lots of horse power. Charlie was a friend and I purchased three (3) cars from his estate. The GT40 is chassis GT40P1137 and has 750hp. The Superformance PB Coupe is chassis 0067 and has 701hp. Last is...
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    Great photos, I plan to go next year. I guess I need to make MY ROOM RESERVATIONS NOW.
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    z-f bell housing steel or aluminum?

    Safir sells a bell housing (cast aluminum) and clutch assembly (twin plate) with a fly wheel as used on the original GT40s. They advertise on
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    Actually Safir built 41 cars. They built and sold two chassis with the same serial numbers, JWA GT40P1093. I own one of these chassis as well as GT40P1097 and also one of the two Tennant chassis JWA GT40P1126. The other chassis (1127) was turned into FAV GT40P1005.
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    First Place

    Hi Mike D. go to for another 80 or so photos of the GT40. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard