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    DCT swap

    That transmission is pretty heavy and good luck getting a controller. The places I have contacted have said their unit is not ready yet.
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    Audi 016. Been a while.....

    Check the R&P ratios and the 5th gear ratio. It used to be common to swap the taller 5th into the box with the taller R&P but I don't remember which is which right now. I think the 5N has the taller 5th and the AZZ has the taller R&P. Scott at Advanced Automotion would probably know.
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    Audi 01E Fitment

    The 01E should fit to your engine. Check with Scott at Advance Automotion, he will know for sure..
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    C8 Corvette transaxle

    Check with this company, They say they can control any automatic or dual clutch transmission.
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    Drawing or CAD file Ford Engine Block M-6010-BS351BB

    Did you check with Fran Hall at RCR? He makes adapters for the Graziano to some engines. I have the Ford bellhousing dimensions if you need them. PM me.
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    Pinion Gear

    What starter do you have? If you have the Toyota starter like KEP uses you can just get a replacement gear for that.
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    trans adapt plate

    If you are designing your own the actual thickness doesn't really matter. I make them 3/4 inch thick and make the flywheel to match. You need to find out what the bellhousing to clutch surface distance was on the original installation and make your flywheel to match that. You might need an...
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    Impractical or a potential?

    I have been told my someone who knows people at GM that getting that transmission to work out of the original vehicle would be very difficult or impossible. It would at least have to be paired with the original engine and a lot of electronic engineering done to make it work without all the...
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    G96/G86 - Any Shared Audi Components?

    The 01X has narrower gears than the 01E so probably not anything that would swap into the Porsche box. You might try California Motorsports and see what they know. I havent see an 0A2 so cant comment on them but the 01E/01X look different externally than the Boxster/Cayman transmissions so I...
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    Gt40 with 351w & 01X gearbox.

    Here is the FSB bellhousing pattern
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    Gt40 with 351w & 01X gearbox.

    The 01X is similar but not identical to the 016. Also has different input shaft and clutch. That transmission was used in the '04-'07 A4 so you can start there for a clutch. I usually use the SA242 from Spec. My adapter is 3/4 inch thick.
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    Kennedy adapter and "machining" of transaxle

    What engine are you using and are you running the transmission inverted?
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    Mounting a Cayman S gearbox?

    I don't think the ring gear can be flipped in those but you can just use the 996 box instead as it is the same just rear engine rather than mid-engine so can be flipped for mid-engine use and will lower the outputs.
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    Mounting a Cayman S gearbox?

    The rear mount is for the exhaust. Not sure about the side mount being bent but a quick look under a Boxster would sort that out.