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    Getrag Identification

    Could be from an Audi 5000, they used the 016.
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    New ford 7.3?

    If the engine is going to cost you over $8000 that only leaves $2000 for the transmission and adapter. I think your budget is a little short.
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    Info on G96.01

    If there isn't a bolt in the center then they just pull out. There is a snap ring on the end of the shaft that holds them in place.
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    Audi transaxle questions

    Given the ratio of reverse gear you will have to run the electric motor pretty fast to get up to highway speeds. Also you will be running the ring and pinion on the back side which is not good for longevity. Look for a 996 transmission. About the same size as the 01E and would work better.
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    Audi transaxle questions

    Mounted in that position the 01E will run backwards so you will have 6 reverse gears and one forward. Try a Porsche rear engine transaxle.
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    What gearbox with what power/torque

    What is your budget? How much HP/Torque do you expect your engine to make? How concerned are you with authenticity? A lot of issues go into picking a gearbox.
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    Gearbox speedo drive

    What gear box do you have? Not all transmissions have a mechanical speedo drive.
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    Coyote bundle of snakes exhaust?

    Part of the issue is the throttle body is at the back of the intake manifold and gets in the way of doing a bundle of snakes type header system. I did headers for someone building a GT40 here in TX and that is why we went with more conventional design.
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    Ev slc

    Maybe one from a wrecked Tesla?
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    C8 VETTE

    I wish Ford would build a version of the mid-engine GT at a comparable price. It wouldn't have to be a twin turbo just have some decent performance.
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    New Transaxle Option

    Can it be inverted?
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    Audi slave thread diameter and pitch

    The Audi 016 is 12X1.0 thread.
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    Audi slave thread diameter and pitch

    Are you adapting to AN fitting? I tried to find one and never did. I ended up making my own. I will check on the thread and post here later.
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    944 transaxle

    The '99-'04 Boxster S 6-speed is probably about your best bet considering money spent for strength. The Audi 01X is another pretty good choice if you aren't planning too much HP. The Boxster has the advantage of already having cable shift designed on it so no additional linkage is necessary.
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    AUDI 012 INFO

    Weak transmission, not really suited for use with a V8.