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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    Rumor has it GM may release the LT6 as crate. Off course it would be ideal to get the transaxle as a combo.
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    C8 Corvette transaxle

    out of pure curiosity does anyone know anything about this company they claim it will use the C8 DCT. I’m sure it only lives in CAD for now however they do look legit since the small open top model is in production. Just trying to find out more about...
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    Superlite Aero

    Does anyone who raced in NASA SU this past weekend ? There’s some footage of the race here (skip to 4:20) unfortunately there’s not much footage of the Aero except for in a few shots. Would be nice to see some onboard action.
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    Le mans 2021

    Awesome their car burned less fuel than the Alpine. However the Hybrid AWD Toyota’s are just too quick and burn heck of a lot less fuel. And friendlier on tires. Great effort. I wish BoP would allow them to have a bit higher hp.
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    Superlite Aero

    Wow the Aero looks awesome. Can it run times close to a lmp3 car ? I’ve seen a Ligier LMP3 run in nasa unlimited and won some races. I think the aerodynamics on lmp3 is designed for very low drag since they’re made to run endurance races where fuel efficiency matters.
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    Bezos getting ready to head to space, T minus 24 minutes...

    I thought it would be placed into orbit and go around the world at least once
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    C8 engine and transmission

    They get wrecked quite often. So replacements won’t be too problematic. If some shops can partner up and develop a custom firmware for the motec to control it that’d be great.
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    C8 Corvette transaxle

    Just to clarify things there are standalone ECUs that control such boxes for example maxxecu however only certain dct’s are supported (older M3s) there are others however it’s a beta software at best and some people can’t get it to work right due to buggy software. If only high end professional...
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    C8 Corvette transaxle

    That’s a steal at that price granted someone develops a controller for it. I belive Dodson Engineering ran some tests on the stock clutches and they only start to slip around 600-650 ft-lb, pushing a 3,600lbs car. I’m afraid the canbus might be encrypted and vin locked so therefore getting the...
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    How does superlite's SL-C handle in the winter?

    It’ll be way over $100k for an ev drivetrain. Realistically close to $200k. You’ll never make up the savings. And you’ll definetly need a donor Tesla or something similar or how else will you control the battery motor and charging functions ? And all the cooling pumps , battery cell management...
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    HCF Graziano Sequential conversion kit

    yes, maybe if the clutch is used during practice or just learning the track, I'm thinking it can save the collars greatly from wear.
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    HCF Graziano Sequential conversion kit

    can this be retrofitted to work with other transmissions, like the Albin 6T ?
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    New here, few questions about the SLC

    1 of our forum member here Joel has a YouTube channel that explains the build detail very thoroughly.
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    New Tremec TR-9070 DCT in a SLC?

    Maybe Fran can contact them and offer a package option. I’m very interested in the TCM what kinda input signals it needs. The OEM one needs a ton of sensor inputs including signals from the traction control sensors for correct gear pre-selection. But I’m sure we can do away with a more basic setup.
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    New Tremec TR-9070 DCT in a SLC?

    I wanna just say sequential gearboxes are almost totally useless for the street. They JAM into every gear and they like to be shifted near redline because engine torque is lower at higher rpms. You risk breaking the cogs or collars if you keep shifting at low rpm (like you would on the street)...