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    Unknown GT40 replica restomod.

    The cars with the super camber kinda remind me of the pants-below-the-ass ... some people can't think of good ways to be unique, so they're choosing stupid ways! o_O
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    Unknown GT40 replica restomod.

    These make the GT40 above look tame by comparison, but this look is actually thing ... not a thing for me, but :eek:nevertheless: Surely they've got to be burning a hole thru the fender lips?!
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    How to determine which make / brand GT40?

    Thanks guys. I assume there's no good reason to try to assemble such a list, or it would've already been done. Seems do-able, with some effort, just prob not much demand for it. Thank you ...
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    How to determine which make / brand GT40?

    Is there a list of features somewhere already made that would allow me to identify which brand of GT40 I'm looking at? Or is the only way to actually open the car and look for the name plate, logo, or other identifiers? I don't want this for one particular car, but rather any while I'm looking...
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    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    Really cool ... would like to visit there, too.
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    painting gulf

    OK that first pic does indeed make the stripe look as though it's 1/2" wide.
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    painting gulf

    It looks more like 3/4" to me, but I'm certainly not sure. I wish you'd have posted this question in October last year - I could've measured it for you at the Ford GT Rally in Scottsdale AZ.
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    New member with a T70

    Wow, that's awesome lookin'!
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    Gt40 1076

    Here it was in 2013 at Amelia Island with 11 other GT40s (or predecessors, of course). I waffle back n forth between my favorite being the Mk IV due to its rear shape or the original Mk I's / II's shapes, but I think 1076 is just the bomb :cool:
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    Looking for 15” BRM style wheels

    That was quick! One of you guys get em?? Just noticed they were just a half hour south of me.
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    Looking for 15” BRM style wheels

    Here's the direct link
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    Russian F1 GP cancelled

    That's right ... don't forget, Hitler was Time magazine's 1938 Man of the Year. And then Joseph Stalin in 1939 ... and 1942. Oh ... also, Vladimir Putin in 2007. It's a shame that we can't have the foresight to know how evil some leaders will end up being, in order to not heap any praise on...
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    Identify Me Please

    Tell em you'll haul it away for free, then you can pressure wash and paint it, and set it in your garage ... would look kinda cool just sitting there.
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    ***SOLD*** ERA GT40 MK1 ***SOLD***

    Do you have any videos, starting, running, driving, walk around?
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    Barrett-Jackson SPF gt-40

    ... and possibly that Barrett Jackson serves delicious, strong adult beverages ;):p:cool: