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    Bryan's GT-Forte build

    40mm 1.5mm tube here Alternatively 2mm available here
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    5) Stuck down and riveted all of the lower right side of the car inc the sill top. Then sealed every single possible gap where fumes might get into the cabin with aluminium tape. Then filled the space between the tanks/sills and the passenger compartment with firefoam. 6) Trial fitted the...
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Crivens. Not updated since August last year. Still chugging slowly along. So where are we since the last update. In no particular order and more due to what photos I have (I've been lax with taking photos also). 1) Threaded the brake fittings for the rear uprights and fitted the calipers 2)...
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    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    3D printer FTW! It might be a bit marginal on the speedo, I couldn't easily tell if it touched it or not so a different speedo, one that had a thicker rim or if you have leather or similar that pushes it out more it may still be a problem. So for the sake of avoiding grief come IVA it's...
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    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    You don't need IVA compliant bezels on a GT40 though! You cannot touch them with the mandated sphere due to the design of the dash.
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    What are all the special tools I keep reading about???

    If you plan on building one of the space frame "kits" I personally would add a powered caulk gun as well. There is quite a bit of sticking panels down and seam sealing. While you *can* do it with a hand caulk gun you're going to end up with one hell of a sore hand (or fail like me and end with a...
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    Insurance help

    I haven't tried them but I had suggested to me Peter James (the "James" from Footman James)
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    power steering ?

    I was originally going to go with a Corsa B but then changed to an Agila A / Wagon R. There were a number of reasons behind this but the main ones were. 1) The Agila A column is lighter 2) The Aglia A column is smaller (and the motor angles up not down). 3) The Agila A column has a magnetic...
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    Using Heim joints on fixed-width control arms.

    The main issue with arms with heim/rod ends/rose joints is that presumably the idea behind fitting heim/rod ends/rose joints is to be able to adjust the arms but as soon as you do anything other than moving both identical amounts the arm dimension changes and it as you say causes preload issues...
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Thanks Henk, a bit of a hiatus over summer as other stuff has got in the way but to be totally honest it's been a bit too warm to be in the garage anyway. I'll be back on it come September when things quiet down.
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    Tony's GT40 Mk1 build

    Full roll cage is a contentious issue. Very easy to have "life changing" injury from even a small bump to the head and after consideration of just how close my head is to where the cage sits and how easy it would be to crack your head off it I decided I wouldn't want one without wearing a helmet...
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    Brett's RS GTD

    They're outside the exempt area but the design of the dash is such that you can't contact them with an 165mm sphere. I 3D printed a hemi-sphere to test but you could do it with a cardboard profile. So while you should validate your dash is the same (there is no guarantee yours is the...
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    More slowgress
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Painted my rear uprights after the modifications for the Audi bearings. Test fitted the disc and calipers... Hmmm, I knew it wouldn't fit without an adaptor but it's really close. After a bit of consideration on making up the adaptor and I started to consider if it was worth it...
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Lots of work has happened, not many updates. After much consideration around how to do them I sorted the hinges both sides. They consist of a 15mm bearing block with a bronze top hat bush in on bolted to a section of angle. The angled plates bolt through over-large holes (13mm as...