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    Wilwood Pro Spindle

    I worked it out and assuming the same geometry and it's literally moving the spindle 2" down on the upright then it reduces the scrub radius. Where using uprights designed for narrow tyres with big fat ones you can end up with a significant amount of scrub radius (some 4"/100mm in the case of...
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    For the _speedo_ I'm using the 01E gearbox sensor. I'm however also fitting the ABS sensors to be able to track individual wheel speeds. This however is purely intended to be for traction control (and even then I may not bother, it's just easier to fit sensors and not bother with them than try...
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    Audi 01E to ls1 i need a 5 speed box to go in my gt 40 do any one now where i can get one from or give the exact year and make of car to get it from

    According to the CBD (US) and CET (Europe) were 5 speed.
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    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    I tend to fit them "all" when drilling or wanting the full alignment then remove all but a couple. It is possible with only a couple to have some misalignment. For that reason as well you should "clock" these type of clecos rather than line them up all in the same orientation!
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Vents fitted. Finished photo first. Started of with 3D printing an alignment ring, this let me ensure that the vents were perfectly central to the hole (as they kind of fit "on" rather than in). Then fitted T-Nuts to the vents with a few washers to ensure there was some leeway. These were...
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    Thanks Andy, that'll teach me to believe wikipedia where it stated those two were aluminium honeycomb!
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    No. The MkIV and I believe the two aluminium MkV's are rivetted aluminium honeycomb vs the welded steel of the MkI/MkII/MkIII/Other MkV's. Not entirely sure if they're bonded as well, certainly if anyone was doing a modern version with an aluminium honeycomb it would be bonded these days.
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    You are correct! Thanks, I was utterly unaware they had, took some finding but out of the run of ~40 MkV's they did two were aluminium! GT40P-1133 GT40P-1142
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    I should actually have clarified that I'm not entirely sure what the Mk5 thicknesses were, just that they were steel. Although they did change to zinc coated steel rather than the rust prone uncoated steel as well as "simplifying" bits. The difference in thickness is small, for 20SWG with a...
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    Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 and Mk5 were steel. Mix of 16SWG, 18SWG, 20SWG and 22SWG. Mostly EN2B Mk4 was aluminium honeycomb.
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Trundling slowly ever forward. Wired up the dash, the dash will be removable just by disconnecting a number of connectors. It's got one connector/mini-loom for backlighting, one for the "gauges" then the warning lights are split in two lots. Earth to light and power to light. Finally the...
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    First thoughts on building a GT40......

    I feel better about my "mere" 9 years now. Keep it up everyone.
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    Jag XJ13 Steering Rack Opinion

    It looks to me as if they're using a rack where the centre section is identical (ie with the splined section for the steering column) but the end layout changes allowing to easily swap between LHD, RHD or centre (ie single seater). That tube on the right (ie the left in the photo) should...
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Really interesting. Looks like the output shafts not only are significantly lower but also further forward in the 01E which would push the engine back and make it stick even further out the back. An issue created because of course it's designed for a FWD/AWD car where the donor cars had the...
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    KVA / SGT build

    There are two different lengths of input shaft for the 01E (possibly the 01X also). I'm not entirely certain which versions are fitted with the long or the short but it's possible you have a "short" one and the kit was designed for the "long". Or you have a "long" already and the adaptor is...