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    Cleanin' out the shed! Roush Stage 3 intake kit

    Guys, I was keeping this for the Mangusta, but that has moved on to a new owner. Don't worry, have not gone over to the dark side yet, bought a Pantera just to keep the punishment up!! So far car is doing just that....nicknamed her "Erica" (Days of Our Lives....Susan Luci...!) Owned it 5...
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    C6FE Heads - Information Required

    Dredging this up from the dark deeps!!!! After looking at pic in post #23, I only wonder more.......... That pic appears to be a C6FE-xxx-A casting. It also appears to have regular spring mounting areas, ie not HIPO 289 style. I JUST got a ping from a guy in Europe about his 289 in a...
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    ZF capacity and oil recommendations?

    All, Was searching for "-1" (dash 1) fill levels on the web, as my old Pantera ZF manual conveniently deletes any such info from it's "-1" section where you would normally expect it, and ran across this older post. ) You'd think that I'd have written this down somewhere after 16 years of...
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    SBF Oil Pan- fully baffled. Aviaid 8-9qt

    OK, weather cooperated, pictures are here! I noticed my notes on the pan baffle and it says 8qts to bottom of baffle tray, so one could potentially run to 9qts figuring filter and oil that hasn't drained back yet...... This has two drains on it, one fore, one aft. Bung for temp gauge sender...
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    SBF Oil Pan- fully baffled. Aviaid 8-9qt

    TTT Still available! Steve
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    ZF -1 Parts Needed

    PM sent! Steve
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    ZF shifter box cover (need to trade)

    James Bond Weld....... "holding VW engine cases together world wide!" See ya Friday! Steve :thumbsup:
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    John, Greetings! While I am not looking for a cone "yet", I am in the process of having my...

    John, Greetings! While I am not looking for a cone "yet", I am in the process of having my 2cnd gear fitted with a new synchro ring. It was made undersized and will be machined to fit my undersized cone..... If you care to give me a call, I will also be in the possession of another used 2cnd...
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    Mexican 302 short block 1970 Vintage piece

    Standard bore engine, was in front of an automatic trans. Short block assy, stock crank/rods/pistons. Heavy duty main caps. $500 plus shipping from Santa Clara (San Jose) CA area. Thanks for looking! Steve
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    SBF Oil Pan- fully baffled. Aviaid 8-9qt

    Expensive extra from my Mangusta engine tribulations. Custom built Aviaid 8-9 qt fully baffled steel oil pan. (four central baffles at the pickup) Full length rectangular pan, no side bulges. 7" deep from top to bottom. Has front and rear side drains, front boss for temp sender. When I...
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    Which 427?

    After looking at a number of fuzzy pictures, I have to ask... Which 427 variant found it's way into most of the GT40's? The hi-rise, medium rise, or the tunnel port? The pictures I could find with some detail, all revealed an exhaust header that looks to fit any of the heads....but looking...
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    Failed Shock Mount

    I read the post about "wondering which weld will break next".....and had to laugh! I just put my Mangusta back together last year, which by the way, appears to have been built with the same gauge metal in it's shock towers..., after repairing a broken LH rear tower which was about 75% of the...
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    Goose chase?

    All, I have access to a set of GT40 wheels, that were allegedly installed on a particular non-GT40 car, back in the late 60's, probably 1968, by Goodyear. The car is a very low production SN#, was imported as a show car, and was shipped to Goodyear to have the conversion to the KO hubs etc. At...
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    Egomans GT40 esque project.

    Egoman, Ford had a realllllly short OD trans used in some trucks or Broncos I thought. It was a toploader, but had OD instead of 4th gear. Also used them in Granada/Monarch, but in longer form...... Wouldn't be a 5 speed....but would have OD. Who needs an extra gear anyway....I only use 4 most...
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    Egomans GT40 esque project.

    Wedge, If you go to the earlier (non-T-5) bellhousing, and perhaps a Tremec for a bigblock, couldn't you save the 1"-1 1/8" length difference of the two bellhousings? (Short bellhousing and short trans-input side) You may need to run a 167T flywheel......vs the 154 version found on all the...