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  • Hi Chris,
    Have a really great birthday, and enjoy yourself. No, not that much, just enough to revitalise for another year :)


    Im building a off road car and need to fit my chevy v-8 1972 Small block 400 to my 930 trans, from what ive read you can help me with this, how much would this cost. thanks Keith

    The part that has cracked is the middle cast iron section of the box, rear of the trans axles.

    Home here in Geelong is 03 52 222 608

    Mobile is 0408 564448. (0g0t knight)

    I'll ring you back.

    Thanks Bernie.
    Hi Chris,
    I'm currently looking into getting a kit of a 40 and I am led to believe that these boxes are the way to go. It will be going behind a 302W or 4.6 quad. What mods are required if any and how much peso do you speak?

    Hi Chris What size tyres did you run in the early days, eg when you had the 289 in the 40.
    Hey Chris,

    I was strawling acros the GT40s forum and found a post in which you show a bellhousing adaptor to mate a lexus V8 to a porsche G50 box, I Have a few questions about it,

    what clutchparts does it take?
    what ringgear is used?
    What does it cost?
    can I perhaps also buy the adaptorplate + spigotbearing and a bolt pack, I will probably go with tilton Button mount clutch so no need for the flywheel.

    best regards Thomas Rouw.

    [email protected]
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