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    Plug Cap Angle

    Tx mate
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    Plug Cap Angle

    Plug cables.
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    Plug Cap Angle

    Which Plus cables would you recommend. Engine SB302 Electronics: MSD Tx Grtz Fred
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    Side window reflectors

    sorry Frank Catt provided them
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    Side window reflectors

    I placed the reflectors and tried on motorway at 100 mph. Next will be test on track . It makes driving during sunny days much more relax and less hot especially on track! Thanks to Frank Catt who proved them. Fred
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    Fuel pump discussion.

    Hi JP Hope sure doing well ! I have Facet red on my car Would you recommend the Facet Duralift or Holley Red flow ? I found out that the little spring in my KING fuel filter on the valve is missing on one of my 2 filters. Could this be the cause of a problematic fuel flow and do you know...
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    Brake calipers for 15" rims

    Hi Mark Look also at Hispec calipers They are not so expensive. Grtz Fred
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    heat shielding cloth

    demontweeks is selling them to my knowledge
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    Car & helmet, matching numbers .....

    Glenn True story and the pilot is a personal friend
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    Car & helmet, matching numbers .....

    Yes but with another helmet .. Geert Jan, nicely done
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    Side Light Gulf cars

    In Green ? Price inclus shipping Brussels ? Grtz Fred
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    Side Light Gulf cars

    I am searching for realign my damaged side light. I only would need the green parts as it is damaged. Any one knows where to find ? Tx Grtz Fred
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    JP Frank is the guy you need ! Grtz Fred
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    Avon CR6ZZ. age of tire

    Hi Dave, I checked on other side of tire and indeed I found it Rear. 13212. so I assume manufacturer date being 2012 Front 4613 so I assume 2013 Thanks Grtz Fred