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  • Hello Fredrik,

    although I construct and race a 917K I do not build kits. There is just not enough "real" demand, and even less money and knowledge, about these types of race cars.
    I have been in and around 917s since 1970 and have much knowledge of them. I have body moulds and many spare parts. I am very much against anyone wanting to use one for road use as they are just too dangerous and unpractical !!
    None of the replicas on the market are totally accurate. The least accurate chassis is the RCR, the Bailey is a very nice chassis, but altered to suit "modern thinking", the Kraftwerk is the most realistic overall but not 100%. None of the bodies on any of them are completely right.

    You need to be very cautious with whatever you do, and read as much as you can about the originals. They can "bite".


    Graham Turner.
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